Morning Meanderings…. Camp Benedict 2015


Sitting in Crosslake this morning at my usual space in the main lodge of Camp Benedict.  This is the camp I am on the Board of, and normally I am here the whole week Monday – Friday, but this year I only came for yesterday and will leave this afternoon.  That is all I think I can do this year.

I am so tired – I feel I have been going non stop for over a week now and it is taking its toll. Mt plan is after today I am lying low for as long as it takes and if things don’t get done…


they don’t get done.

I have no push left in me.

I just want to BE.

Book Journey, Camp Benedict, Camp Knutsen, Sheila DeChantal
My sleeping quarters



Book Club tonight…. we are reviewing The Pearl That Broke It’s Shell. I did not get it done.  Too deep for me at this time.


So that’s me… day to day.

10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Camp Benedict 2015

  1. Camp Benedict looks like a very calm and relaxing place, but I know how emotional the work you do there is.

    I also find many books to be a bit more than I can handle at this time. Maybe someday, but not just yet.

  2. It’s not easy, but it’s good that you’re seeing where you need to let things go–for as long as they need to. That swing looks like the perfect place to “just be”…

  3. I always love hearing about Camp Benedict. I think that swing with the lake view looks like a very healing spot. Just sit and absorb the scene.

  4. PearlThat Broke its Shell is not an easy book….and the Bookies understand. Cut yourself a break

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