The Mystery Writer’s of America Cookbook edited by Kate White

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I love books.  I love food.  I love books about food.  One of the things I enjoy about reading is making food mentioned in books.  It’s true.   I make Pepsi steak to this day because a character did it in a James Patterson book I read years ago and I thought it sounded simple and tasty.  My husband loves it.

If you know all of this about me, then as you can imagine, saying yes to review this book was a no brainer.  Recipes from wonderful mystery writers that have come from their books.  My mouth waters just to think of it.

When the book arrived I was thrilled at how beautiful it is.  Sturdy hard cover, thick quality pages…definitely a beautiful gift book to that mystery lover you know.



I enjoyed that each recipe is accompanied by information from the author of where the recipe came from.  Gillian Flynn presents Beef Skillet Fiesta, she is a Midwestern girl at heart and says her characters are as well.  Laura Childs is known for her Tea Shop Mysteries so her recipe of Killer Sweet Tea should come as no surprise.  James Patterson offer us Grandma’s Killer Chocolate Cake which is something I know I need to make.  It will be Sandra Browns Mystery Crackers I will be making soon along with Harlan Coben’s offering of Myron’s Crabmeat Dip (which Harlan believes that while Myron’s friend Win makes this dip, he is pretty sure it was one of the many ex girlfriends of Win that told him how to make it.)

For now though….  I could not wait to make Nelson Demille’s Male Chauvinist Pigs In The Blanket.  The recipe is simple, it sounds tasty, and I had a friend coming over who could taste test.


Male Chauvinist Pigs In The Blanket

I am not going to rewrite the whole recipe, and it is much cooler in the book than I am about to write here… but here is the basics of this one by Nelson DeMille.

1 package of hot dogs

1 can of crescent rolls (like Pillsbury)

chili powder

a can of beer



Mystery Writers Of America Cook Book, Sheila DeChantal, Male Chauvenist Pigs In A BlanketCut hot dogs at an angle in half.  Place in bowl and add beer on top.  Leave in bowl until beer is not foamy anymore (I found that happened quickly so I left them in a little longer).  Take hot dogs out of beer bath and sprinkle with chili powder (according to DeMille this is the top secret ingredient).  Roll hot dog up in crescent roll as you would when making pigs in a blanket.  Cook at 375 for about 17 minutes, 5 minutes or so longer than you would if you were following instructions for PIAB on the rolls.  Serve warm and with mustard.

Mystery Writers Of America Cook Book, Sheila DeChantal, Male Chauvenist Pigs In A Blanket

Mystery Writers Of America Cook Book, Sheila DeChantal,Male Chauvenist Pigs In A Blanket Book Journey



The results:  Tasty.  I am looking forward to making this at book club as the next earliest convenience when I am presented with a male chauvinist character.  I can not wait!

Keep this book in mind if you need a gift for a fellow book lover.  I have already ordered a copy for just that purpose.



  • Hardcover: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Quirk Books (March 24, 2015)
  • Language: English


18 Comments on “The Mystery Writer’s of America Cookbook edited by Kate White

  1. I want this book!! Oh, and I agree with JunkChuck up there… mystery meat is a no-go. LOL

  2. From one who can spend hours poring over a cookbook, this looks like a fun one with normal recipes, not crazy off beat ones

  3. I’m not much of a hot dog person, but I am loving hearing about this cookbook. I must have it. LOL

  4. Too funny that those mystery crackers caught your attention too. I swear I’m going to make them this week.

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