Morning Meanderings… Never Underestimate The Power Of A Blog


Years ago my friend Esme at the Chocolates and Croissants blog had told me that the title of her blog had caused companies to send her chocolates for review.  I remember at the time thinking,

“Clearly I did not think through the name of my own blog”

I suppose I could have called this blog COFFEE Journey, or New Jeep Journey, just to see what might have come my way…. but alas, Book Journey is a good title and it has worked for me.

While Book Journey has always been a place where I can write about books it has over the years become so much more.  Not only has this site brought me great joy in friendships, connections to wonderful publishing companies, and taken me places like the Book Expo in New York – it also has caused me to be a more confident writer.  After all, I pretty much write every day. 😀

The most recent happenings on this crazy blogging ride is I received an invite to go to Minneapolis next week and sit at a round table interviewing the stars of Nicholas Sparks books that will be a movie on April 10th, The Longest Ride.


The stars are Scott Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s son) and Britt Robertson.

Of course… I said yes.

So now, as I have not read the book yet, I will be this week.  My book club, who know I have always pretty much avoided books about cowboys, westerns, or pretty much anything country…. are DELIGHTED to see I will be reading a book that has this on the cover:

Nicholas sparks, the longest ride, book journey, minneapolis, scott eastwood


I read somewhere recently that you are not living life fully unless you are spending time out of your comfort zone.

I think…

I am living life fully.

Book Journey, turns out is a very appropriate name for this blog.


I am out.  I have a coffee date with a friend who recently had surgery and a long overdue lunch date.  Other than that I have projects that will keep me busy all the time in-between.


Any fun stories to share?


38 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Never Underestimate The Power Of A Blog

  1. I’m normally not a fan of Nicholas Sparks because I hate how his books are always classed as romance even when there is a death at the end (in like 90% of his books) – but I listened to this one last year when the audiobook was nominated for a Romance Audie (causing me to scratch my head) – but I was pleasantly surprised (although I kept waiting for something bad to happen)

      1. i haven’t read any of his other ones – but I was pleasantly surprised with this one – but still struggle with seeing him in the romance section – although this year, a JAMES PATTERSON book was nominated for an romance audiobook award….

  2. Very nice. I’m not much for western-y themed books either, but getting out of the comfort zone occasionally is a good thing. Enjoy your interviewing! LOL

  3. Nicholas Sparks is not my go-to author, but due to blogging, I tried a Sparks Challenge a few years ago, and actually enjoyed the two I read. LOL

    But….the movies are the kind I watch when I want to just relax and not think…and cry a little.

    I used to hate either country or western, or a combination of the two, and the songs were abhorrent to me…and then I moved to Central California, and there is a lot of country here…and I got used to it.

  4. I have read the book The Longest Ride. It’s a tear jerker! But, I hope that the movie stays true to the book, but I don’t think it did, based on snippets I have seen. I am often disappointed when I go to a movie that was made from a book. If the directors would just stay true to the book and not add in their ‘artistic ideas’, the movie(s) would be much better! And that’s my 2 cents worth!

  5. Will be immediately renaming Old Road Apples–what was I thinking, naming my blog after piles of horse crap on the highway? In any event, look for PIZZA AND BEER to debut soon.

  6. I am so excited for you! There’s nothing wrong with being Dorky excited. I love that term. I don’t read much Nicolas Sparks, but this does look good– the trailer of the movie anyway.

  7. Nothing exciting really but congratulations to you! What an opportunity.
    As for the blog name, I totally understand. My old blog had grown so much to be more than books and I felt like the name didn’t fit, so I started a new one. Plus I needed a fresh start.

    WE are so much more than our blogs…truly! Congrats and hope your long overdue lunch was fun. Hope your friend is feeling better also.

  8. No fun stories but sitting back and being inspired by your story. Taking risks and seeing where they lead. Pretty awesome. Enjoy every moment of it.

  9. I do wish I had something fun to share about this week, but it’s been a pretty bad one in most ways. The one good thing that comes to mind is that Bank Street Book Store posted my blog on their facebook page, so that felt really good 😀

    And yes, blogs CAN be powerful—GOOD blogs can 🙂 In fact, Betsy Bird just said the same thing just the other day!

  10. What an amazing experience! Have an awesome time and congrats on being invited to interview them! Have fun reading outside of your comfort zone too… sometimes we find some hidden gems that way, so let’s hope its one of those times 🙂

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