American Sniper – The Movie


Just this weekend I had the opportunity to go and see American Sniper with my husband.  You may think that he picked the movie, but it was actually my pick.  I am not a fan of war movies, however this is a true story and an incredible one at that.  I want those of you who think like me that a war movie is a guy thing… let me just say not always.  Do not write this movie off.

The basic synopsis is that Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) has always been an overachiever.  When he sets his mind to do something he fully plans to do it right and go all the way.  When he joins the Navy Seals he does it because he wants to protect his country.

Before he leaves to be part of the war efforts on Iraq after 911, he meets his future wife Taya,(played by Sienna Miller).  They fall in love, get married and start a family.  While Taya is pregnant, Chris is fighting for his life and his country.

Chris in all does, 4 tours.  While this is the source of many arguments with his wife who feels he has given enough to his country and it was time for him to give to his family, Chris finds he can not let go.  As in his obsessive nature, he knows that he can save lives.  And he knows he can not do that form the comfort of his couch and home.



You may know the rest of the story.  In fact it is in the news right now.  It is a powerful story about love and loss and truly giving it all.  It honestly broke my heart.  The movie is about the war yes, but it is also about one man’s desire to save every life he can.  Chris Kyle becomes known as the deadliest sniper in America with 255 kills.

Yes you do see some graphic details of the war, yet coming from someone who is sensitive to things like that, the movie as a whole far out weighs that.

I highly recommend seeing this movie.  I recently purchased the audiobook and plan to listen to that soon.





18 thoughts on “American Sniper – The Movie

  1. My sister told me about this one. I really want to see it but I am worried about the scene with the little boy. I am sure it is powerful and intense.

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed this! I’ve heard some mixed reviews on it. My guy really wants to see it though, so I thought maybe I’d surprise him this weekend and say let’s do it.

  3. Thanks for a great review! Everyone I know has been telling me to see this one, so it must be good. I just really don’t like war movies, so it makes me kind of nervous.

  4. Sheila…the movie was overwhelming…I had no idea what it would be like. It was scary, beautiful, haunting…and I could not find any sympathy for the man who killed him. Plus I didn’t realize that the spotter was shot, too. I can’t imagine going through what those soldiers went through. Clint Eastwood was brilliant at the way he showed what happened. The ending…the real footage…was so sad.

  5. I haven’t read the book, but I have seen the movie. I LOVED it, which surprised me because I am not usually a fan of war movies. I am not sure about reading the book though. Sometimes books on war or the military can be a little dry.

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