Morning Meanderings… A Day In The Life of a “Want To Be” Writer


Good morning. I think I need a new Meandering pic… the one I have been using prior to today I do not believe is accurate.  My hair is not as wild as that pic, it is more like the one above.  Anyhoo… that was random. 🙂

Since returning from our vacation in January I have been playing catch up on projects, but also trying to set some sort of routine that works for working from home.

Currently it looks something like this:

Up around 7 am.





Think about working out.

Shower instead.


Check calendar for any writing projects I should be working on – magazine articles, freelance work…


Start writing, either for me… or for a project.

Around 9:30 am make any phone calls I need to make.

Back to writing.

Break around 11 am, if I did not do the workout earlier, do it now.



Run any town errands (optional)

Check emails.

Back to writing.



Around 3:00 pm, take a look at any non profit projects I am working on (lately that has been authors for Wine and Words and lining up the July bike ride for Camp Benedict.)

Make phone calls surrounding the non profit stuff.

Think about what is for dinner.

Around 5 pm either go back to writing, work on no profit, or put it all away and read for a bit.

5:30 – 6:00 pm start dinner.

Al in the house around 7 pm, catch up with him and have dinner.

7:30 pm we either watch tv together, he watches tv and I read upstairs, or I continue to play around with a project.

8:30 pm – Al is in bed, I read or watch something mind numbing on tv (currently I am addicted to a series I found on Amazon Prime called AWKWARD.)

It is not down to a science and as anyone’s day goes, it does not always work that way.  Occasionally I have a meet up with a friend, or I run to the library, or I work on laundry or dishes or tackling a closet.

It is a different feel for someone who is used to be going going going out in the public.  I hope eventually to find my groove, but for now this is it 🙂




19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Day In The Life of a “Want To Be” Writer

  1. My problem is i wake up with no problem but can’t get out of bed!! Sounds like you are managing well .your dogs must be in seventh heaven having you around!

  2. Busy, busy, busy…all will work out for you.

    It was difficult when I retired, but you will get used to working from home and not getting on the road each morning. 🙂

    Looks like a very filled day to me. 🙂 ENJOY!!

  3. Sheila, it sounds like you are very productive. It’s hard to tackle so many projects. The demands of all of this email communication can be great!

  4. Since our move from the SF bay area to Boston this fall, from my wonderful (paid) job to my new job of ‘being a writer’ full time, I’ve found I still need to work on my schedule too. I have just created one that fills slots each hour from 6:15 am. (when I first begin to read e-mails) to 5:30 p.m. (when I start working on dinner). I’m hoping this way, I’ll spend less time on my e-mails and blog, and more dedicated time to my next book. Let’s check in with each other in a month or so and see how we’re doing! 🙂

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