Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire by J K Rowling


Year 4:  A brief recap in my words:  Harry is able to go with the Weasley’s before school starts to see International Quidditch Cup being played (think Super bowl but with brooms and a snitch).  This is a big deal and getting away from the Dursley’s early is icing on the cake!

Yet that is not all the surprises in store for this year!  Once at school, Harry as well as his classmates learn that Hogwarts will be hosting a very special event – the Triwizard Tournament; an event that had been cancelled for many years due to the champions chosen being killed form the intense competitions.  Now, feeling that the Magical world has knocked the kinks out of the tournament, they have brought it back and two schools will be coming to complete with Hogwarts.

When the goblet of fire is placed in the great hall, students 17 years old or older are welcome to put their name in the cup for a chance to be chosen as their schools competitor.  The cup then will choose the name for each school of who will compete.

Exciting stuff!!!

Yet when the time comes and the names are popped out of the cup… a 4th name comes out as well.  A second champion for Hogwarts…

you guessed it.

Harry Potter.

Not only is Harry underage, but Hogwarts already has put forth a champion, Cedric Diggory.  When the judges discuss they can not figure out how Harry’s name was placed in the cup but the cup has spoken and the rules are the rules.  Harry must compete.

With his own school turning against him thinking somehow Harry forced his name into the cup to suck up attention, Harry knows better.  He does not want to compete…. and his hear, as well as the fear of his friends is that someone placed his name in the cup… someone who wants to see Harry killed.




Book 4 into the readalong took me a little lot longer than I had anticipated.  Having a very busy January my hardcover copy of this book traveled with me to Australia and to New Zealand with very little of it being read.  Basically it was a good four pound carry on in my luggage.

I also found at first that this 4th installment took a while to get going.  I am not sure why that was as there was a lot happening in the book.  Finally once I made it to the Triwizard Tournament I was fully engaged, excited to see what was going to happen next!

As I read this book, I started to get the feeling that I have not read this one since the first time when the series originally came out.  Some of the books I has read through before, the first one for sure, and the last book I read through in 3 days, turned around and read it again a second time right away to let it sink in more.  Never have I done that with any other book.

The theme that stood out to me in this book was friendship.  Hermione stayed by Harry’s side through the competition and even Ron let his jealousy get in the way.  There was also a friendship between Harry and Cedric that I thought was especially nice.  They helped each other out throughout the competition.

In the end, this is the first book in the series where there is a significant loss.  I think J K handled this so well.  The year ends with a tribute instead of the usual celebration and it is well done.  I am excited now to watch the movie which I have seen many times, but not with the book fresh in my mind.  I picked up differences from book to movie while I read and now I want to confirm them.  🙂


1aaSpoiler Note…. for those of you who cried over Cedric, feel better knowing that he left Hogwarts, and became a hot vampire.  All was not lost for Cedric, who now goes by Edward.  😉






**  Watch for giveaways to pop up soon!  I have some catching up to do with the readalong giveaways!

9 thoughts on “Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire by J K Rowling

  1. Haha i forgot that Robert Pattinson was in that movie! I just reread all the Harry Potter books last year and Im glad I did! There was a lot I didnt remember. ❤ Bee

  2. I am so glad you folks encouraged me to continue with the series when I was struggling with the first two books. I got a little bogged down in this one with the whole World Cup business but glad I paid attention to see how it all tied together in the end. Loving this reading challenge. Thanks for organizing it Sheila.

  3. Oh, there are quite a lot of differences, Sheila, that’s for sure. This was the last movie in which the differences were easy to take, but after this, I lost the taste for the movies in a big way : / One of the differences is that it was Dobby who gave Harry the gillyweed, not Neville. There are really so many. This is the book that continued kicking up the action, and certainly the emotion!

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