Morning Meandering… Jennifer from Literate Housewife and Team Mockingjay (or not…)

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Hello!  Good morning!  This is Jennifer from Literate Housewife.  I read very few series. When I do, it’s more often than not completed. The Hunger Game series by Suzanne Collins was different. Whe4an Catching Fire came out with so much buzz, I couldn’t resist. I began the series in audio but, not caring for the narrator, I switched to print for Catching Fire the very day after I finished The Hunger Games. With everyone else, I eagerly awaited Mockingjay. In fact it was my first preordered eBook because I wanted to get started IMMEDIATELY.

Sheila, get your Spoiler Alert button ready:

I selected Mockingjay as the title for this Morning Meandering because Sheila had the reaction I wanted to have. She loved it and as I read her review I got a kick out of her “I Love Mockingjay” picture. While I wouldn’t say that I had the opposite reaction, I was deeply disappointed by the end of this trilogy. Neither Peeta nor Gale impressed me at all. That I ever preferred either of them felt irrelevant because they were at best poor imitations of the characters they once were. Then, when Pru was killed anyway, I had to restrain myself from throwing my eReader across the room. I mourned the Mockingjay that wasn’t and, in lieu of a full review, I recapped my thoughts in a six stanza haiku poem.


Now that I’ve pointed out that Sheila loved Mockingjay while I did not, don’t think that there will be a Team Book Journey / Team Literate Housewife thing happening. We agree more often than not and its differences like this that make the reading world go round. But, if you were to pick sides on Mockingjay, which team would you be on? Is this a love/hate kind of book?



27 thoughts on “Morning Meandering… Jennifer from Literate Housewife and Team Mockingjay (or not…)

  1. Fun post, Jennifer. I can’t weigh in on Mockingjay (didn’t read it) but of the books Sheila and I have in common we tend to agree 🙂

  2. I wasn’t a fan of Mockinjay either. I felt that all the characters had become shells of themselves. The things that made me want to root for them was gone. That being said, oddly I felt the two characters that held close to who they were in books 1 and 2 were Peeta and Gale. I wasn’t team either (I honestly wanted her with neither) but the boys I think were true to their individual journeys. The women though—she just hallowed out.

    1. I like what you said about them being shells of themselves. Even more interesting is that you thought that for the women and I did for the men. Say what you will about this book, it hits people in many different ways.

  3. Team Book Journey. It’s my favorite in the series. I thought Prim’s death (it’s not really a spoiler, is it?) was both bold and an accurate picture of what happens when your immediate world is ensconced in war. The same goes for Katniss. You can’t kill dozens of people in the Games plus go through that kind of revolution without it changing you.

  4. OK, at the time I read MOCKINGJAY, I was a bit disappointed. I thought that Katniss was a mere shade of herself. That being said, when I say the movie version a couple of months ago, I was less annoyed. I didn’t even think that I would see the movie Mockingjay, but since I had dragged my husband to the other movies, he wanted to see the series end. I told him he might not like it (and we’ll keep an open mind in that regard), but I think the movie Katniss was pretty good. So, I guess I’m on the fence. MOCKINGJAY was not my favorite of the books. Let’s leave it there. 🙂

    1. It’s interesting that you bring up the movies. My husband and I watched the first two movies and I was bored. I don’t know what it was. I don’t plan on watching the Mockingjay movies because splitting that book into two seems like torture to me. Still, if it helps to redeem the book…

  5. I’m with you, Jennifer, on this one. I really loved the Hunger Games, because I guess it was so different from anything else I had read. The second one, eh…and the third one, definite meh. However, I’m still interested in seeing all the movies. I think they’ve made a Peeta a little more likeable, at least in the first two, than in the book. I didn’t like him in the book.

    1. I remember liking Peeta, but I can’t remember why now. LOL! I am not a fan of making the last movie based on a series of books into two movies. Let’s say I loved Mockingjay. I don’t want it drawn out over two movies and as many years. Good grief!

  6. Pop in of the day – spent the morning and early afternoon touring where they make the Lord Of The Rings movies- so cool! Mockingjay was my least favorite of the series – too political, but I was still impressed with the books overall and have been enjoying the movies. 🙂 Thanks Jennifer for the fun post 🙂

  7. Jennifer,

    Thank you for filling in for Sheila, and for for your take on this popular book! I haven’t read this trilogy, although we have the books (my youngest daughter loved them), and I saw Hunger Games in the theater soon after it came out.

  8. I have never read these books, and after watching the first movie, I’m almost positive I never will. For whatever reason, the first book always sounded as a riff on Shirley Jackson’s ” The Lottery” and she is one of my favorite authors of all time. When I watched the movie, the idea of watching kids kill each other kind of turned me off, and I never had an inkling to go any further with the series. And truth be told, YA tends to not be for me.

  9. Jennifer, I actually loved the Hunger Games series. I don’t remember feeling disappointed by it. I guess it depends on our expectations as readers? I’d be curious as to what you would think of the “Legend” series by Marie Lu. Loved that trilogy!

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