Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

The third and final book of the Hunger Games series, we find Katniss, the survivor of not one but two Hunger Games, homeless as her district 12  has been destroyed and many of the people she grew up with that did not escape are feared to be dead.

Katniss and her family have been moved to district 13, as well as Gale and his, a district that up until recently, was considered to not exist.  While being fed and clothed, there is not much freedom.  Katniss is still unsure if Peeta is dead or alive, tortured or well…. and this haunts her knowing whatever is fate has been because of her.

As the unrest continues to rise in Katniss, she is continuously called on to fight as a rebel – a title she is not sure she has the strength to take on….or even wants.  yet as The Capital continues to taunt her, trying to call her out she knows she and only she – can become the Mockingjay.

I have not been as excited about a book coming out since the final book of the Harry Potter Series.  On that release day, I had taken the day off of work – and waiting on my back deck for the delivery of my treasured book.  I had pre-ordered because I thought we were going to be out-of-town and did not want to miss my chance of having a book waiting for me.   Around 10 am I was cursing out the UPS man for the torture brought into my life and considering driving around to see if I could still get a copy at any of our near by books stores – when I discovered it had been delivered and was neatly tucked in between the main door and the screen door to my home.

In a word?  Bliss.

I was just as eager for Mockingjay, and maybe part of that was I remember the excitement of the Harry Potter books that to this day I have not been able to match and continuously find myself jonesing for that book or series that will take me back to where I can hardly wait to turn the page yet I am afraid to turn the page as that takes me closer tot he end….

This review will be spoiler free, as you will see below I have the spoiler button in use, all fueled up and ready to go.  That will be where you can enter to talk more deeply about this book in a safe environment – and I hope you do, as I want to talk and talk about Mockingjay.  😀

I never could make up my mind between Team Peeta and Team Gale – both had qualities I liked and I entered into this read without a strong sense of one or the other, but always the independent woman that I am – I didn’t even mind if she walked away from them both.  I know many readers would disagree with me there.  😀

The beginning of the book brings you up to speed as to where we are all at this time.  A few things have happened between books – and Katniss is torn as to what to do now.  Her family is safe, but at what cost?  She is being asked to play yet another role that she is not sure she wants any part of – at 17 she is tired and broken.

I enjoyed how Susanne Collins starts the book, while it is a bit slow and filled with details that may bother the eager reader, I didn’t mind it as I didn’t really want it to end.  And no worries, there is plenty of action, plenty of old characters and new and when the book takes off – we are all literally on the run.

There are surprises along the way and that is what I will discuss more in the spoiler section.  I highly recommend the series and encourage you if you have not already to get your hands on Hunger Games and find out for yourself the magic within this series.  I like books that are not cookie cutter copies of a story that I have already read and Suzanne Collins really takes this series out of the typical ring and makes it unique and memorable.

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22 thoughts on “Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

  1. Oh you have no idea how tempting it is to press that spoiler button! I am taking this book on my flight to Turkey on Monday so i will be all ready and willing to discuss with you when I get back. I’m so glad it lives up to the hype 🙂

  2. I finally bought the first book in this series…after reading about everyone’s experiences while reading this one…sooooo here I go!!!

  3. I am doing it! Although I love the feel of a good book in my hand, I do have a Nook so I downloaded all 3 books last night. Only a few pages left in yet another Jane Austen novel and I am ready to begin. :o) I have been trying to mix my current/classic fiction up a bit these days. The anticipation is killing me. I am sure that they will live up to my expectations. Thank you for encouraging me to pull the trigger, I am ready to begin!!

  4. Oh, Sheila, I am drooling on my keyboard!!!

    I’ve been checking my front door for packages constantly (much as you did with Harry Potter!) and it has not yet arrived. I’m afraid my Scholastic checklist may have gotten lost – have to call on Monday.

    My husband, teen son, and I all LOVED the first two books, and this one sounds just as good. Thanks for the great teaser!


  5. Nona just got in her copy from the library. I haven’t read any of these books yet. Don’t say it, I know. Shame on me again…lol. I just have sooooo many books ahead of this series that it will take time to get to it. 😉 I will though. Promise.

  6. I will probably get these books for my grandson to read when he gets older. It is hard to keep renewing them so he can finish. I can’t wait to sit down and work my way through them.

    1. Pat that’s a great idea – I bet he will love them – and you will too.

      My Kinship Partner Chance (who is 15) has read my copies of the other two and I gave him Mockingjay when he was over last night so he could read that one too.

  7. Now that the final book is out, I may finally try this series. I’ve been put off by the comparisons (real or just in my head) to Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery, which really freaked me out in high school.

  8. I have NEVER been so disappointed by a book ending in my entire life. I did not like that they killed Prim, that she didn’t end up with Gale,they barely even mentioned Madge, and that she killed president Coin. I was so excited when I began reading the book, but at the end, all I wanted to do was close the book and reopen it to a different ending. Overall the book was okay, but I still am extremely disappointed. If she comes out with a new generation series I will probably read it. It can’t get much worse than the ending of Mockingjay. (I hope)

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