Morning Meanderings… Christmas Wrap Up


Good Morning!  How was your Christmas?  We had a wonderful time here at the house with the boys and board games, movies, and cooking.  We opened gifts in the morning and I received:


All my gifts were amazing and I was able to use them all right away:

The candle and scents I found a home for and put to use.  Mmmmmmm

The bowl set (I always need bowls) was used for our dinner.

I received pull tabs in a card and won $100!

The Harry Potter book set the ones with the NEW COVERS, I smelled the new book smell 🙂


We ended the night or perhaps early this morning (about 2 a.m.) with Harry Potter 5 and 6.  I love picking out things I had not noticed before (for instance, the Umbridge gag gift at the Weasley’s Joke Shop in the 6th movie).  This morning Justin and I are going to watch the8th movie which is the second half of book 7.  Our goal was to get through the movies 3 – 8 over the last couple of days but it just didn’t happen so we have to pick and choose.  😀

I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday!  I am looking forward to a little reading this afternoon, the house is pretty much cleaned up and Justin has plans with friends this afternoon so I will have the house to myself.  Book time for sure 🙂


29 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Christmas Wrap Up

    • I used to not like the later movies so much as they were getting so dark, but today I appreciated the last movie more than I ever have. Life is hard for Harry 🙂

  1. I watched It’s A Wonderful Life last night for the first time! I really liked it!!

    • Thanks, that was the plan I still hope to but from all the hustle of the earlier part of the week and staying up late to watch movies with my son… I took a nap today.

  2. OK, totally salivating on your new HP book set 😀 I adore the work by BOTH illustrators, for sure. Such outstanding talents, but of course, Mary GrandPre’s work will always be sentimental for me 🙂 Glad to hear you’re getting some quiet reading time in, too! 😀

    • I am thrilled with the books… I have been looking at the new covers since they came out and planned to buy all the books one at a time eventually. 😀

      • I was considering it somewhere very far down the road (I only have the last two books in hard cover and the paperbacks are well-worn! lol). What’s cool is now you don’t have to wait to see the whole of Hogwarts on the spine 🙂

  3. It sounds like a you had a great Christmas! Now, you get to enjoy your gifts (and books!) Reading is one of my top priorities until our Christmas staycation is over!

  4. I like how the men in your life know you so well. I received one book this Christmas, one on knitting socks. It shows you the numerous ways how to cast on/start a sock and the many styles to knit the those and heel.

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, Sheila. I didn’t know about the HP book set. That would be the perfect gift for one of my kids!

  6. I still haven’t seen the last two HP movies. I know, I know.

  7. HP and me kind of fell out after about number 2. It was the darkness that put me off. I don’t mind if I’m reading about it, but in the movies everything was dark from the sky, to the clothes and even the buildings.

    • LOL…. too bad. I actually think book 2 is my least favorite story line of the series. The colors did not bother me, wizards wear green and purple, while the cloaks are black I did not pick up on the darkness.:)

      • Actually, girls, I believe you’re talking about Azkaban, the third movie, not the second. Cuaron wanted that dark look. In fact, I’m pretty sure he used a lense (blue?) for filming.

          • Ah, I was referring to the Azkaban movie, Sheila 🙂 Not the books. That’s what it sounded like Ruth was referring to in her comment.

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