Morning Meanderings… Christmas Wrap Up


Good Morning!  How was your Christmas?  We had a wonderful time here at the house with the boys and board games, movies, and cooking.  We opened gifts in the morning and I received:


All my gifts were amazing and I was able to use them all right away:

The candle and scents I found a home for and put to use.  Mmmmmmm

The bowl set (I always need bowls) was used for our dinner.

I received pull tabs in a card and won $100!

The Harry Potter book set the ones with the NEW COVERS, I smelled the new book smell 🙂


We ended the night or perhaps early this morning (about 2 a.m.) with Harry Potter 5 and 6.  I love picking out things I had not noticed before (for instance, the Umbridge gag gift at the Weasley’s Joke Shop in the 6th movie).  This morning Justin and I are going to watch the8th movie which is the second half of book 7.  Our goal was to get through the movies 3 – 8 over the last couple of days but it just didn’t happen so we have to pick and choose.  😀

I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday!  I am looking forward to a little reading this afternoon, the house is pretty much cleaned up and Justin has plans with friends this afternoon so I will have the house to myself.  Book time for sure 🙂


29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Christmas Wrap Up

  1. OK, totally salivating on your new HP book set 😀 I adore the work by BOTH illustrators, for sure. Such outstanding talents, but of course, Mary GrandPre’s work will always be sentimental for me 🙂 Glad to hear you’re getting some quiet reading time in, too! 😀

      1. I was considering it somewhere very far down the road (I only have the last two books in hard cover and the paperbacks are well-worn! lol). What’s cool is now you don’t have to wait to see the whole of Hogwarts on the spine 🙂

  2. It sounds like a you had a great Christmas! Now, you get to enjoy your gifts (and books!) Reading is one of my top priorities until our Christmas staycation is over!

  3. I like how the men in your life know you so well. I received one book this Christmas, one on knitting socks. It shows you the numerous ways how to cast on/start a sock and the many styles to knit the those and heel.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, Sheila. I didn’t know about the HP book set. That would be the perfect gift for one of my kids!

  5. HP and me kind of fell out after about number 2. It was the darkness that put me off. I don’t mind if I’m reading about it, but in the movies everything was dark from the sky, to the clothes and even the buildings.

    1. LOL…. too bad. I actually think book 2 is my least favorite story line of the series. The colors did not bother me, wizards wear green and purple, while the cloaks are black I did not pick up on the darkness.:)

      1. Actually, girls, I believe you’re talking about Azkaban, the third movie, not the second. Cuaron wanted that dark look. In fact, I’m pretty sure he used a lense (blue?) for filming.

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