Happy Thanksgiving From a Bookish Home In Minnesota


Good morning!  Anyone else up at a crazy hour prepping food?  I really did not have a lot to do.  The turkey will go in about 30 minutes from now to be ready around noon and the rest of it I staged…. black olives by their bowl, stuffing by the pan, beans by the crock pot…  pies in the garage staying nice and cool.

Today my two sons will come over and we will spend the day munching on good food, playing board games and watching movies.  Our day usually goes something like a nice big dinner at noonish with all the fixings…  then Al and Brad will usually find the football game on or some sport and Justin and I will play board games (we are the household gamers), occasionally the other two will join in.  At some point we will all wind up in the family room watching movies…  Al will fall asleep in the recliner.  I make a second turkey for the boys to share and they each get half as well as pie and whatever else they wish to take.  Into the evening Brad will go home as he works early tomorrow.  Al will go to bed around 8 pm.  Justin and I will gather snacks and settle in for movies… some how we usually wind up watching at least one Harry Potter movie.  I will start to pass out on the couch but will not want t let Justin know I am tired so I fake that I am keeping up with the movie.  It doesn’t fool him.  Eventually I will give up and go to bed.

In the past years we have done the crazy Thursday evening and even Friday shopping but I have decided not to do that this year.  There is nothing I need and going out in the cold and battling long lines and pushy people just does not appeal to me this year. 🙂

On Friday – I think we will make pumpkin rolls in the morning and maybe take in a movie in the afternoon.

It’s an easy holiday with the four of us and I love our crazy simple traditions.

I am thankful for way more than I can ever mention but I will try….  I am thankful for my husband Al, a hardworking guy who amazes me with all he accomplishes.  I am thankful for Brad being back in Brainerd for over a year now that he is out of the Navy and working for our company.  It is awesome having him close by.  I am thankful for Justin and his willingness to be just as crazy as I am.  Now that he has graduated from College I am excited to see what he does next.  I am thankful for my friends and my family… 2014 has not been the year I had hoped it would be and I am still figuring it out but I feel loved and supported.  I am thankful for God’s blessing in my life. I am thankful for my health and the ability to do the crazy things I choose to do.  I am thankful for our home, our business, our employees. I am thankful for Sammy and Bailey and Mater… crazy dogs that keep me hopping.  I am thankful for connections I have made on line and in person through this strange little corner of the web called Book Journey… writing here for the past 5 years has blessed me in ways I would have never imagined!


Update:  As Angie (first comment below) mentioned – I forgot our book club…lol.  I knew I would forget important stuff! Bookies now on its 14th year is a huge part of me.  This group of girls have become great friends and through our book discussions we have talked about so many things that honestly – a lot of people never talk about.  I am so thankful for each and every one of them.

Also – my experience this year working with the bees has been really cool.  I have learned so much and love that I know these crazy things about bees now!

I hope wherever you are and if you celebrate Thanksgiving you have a wonderful day!  Stay safe… stay warm!



32 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From a Bookish Home In Minnesota

  1. What about your book club? Are you not thankful for us? Just giving you a hard time, I know you love us! Your thanksgiving day sounds divine. Unfortunately, working in retail no longer gives us the luxury of a relaxing day with family. ENJOY YOURS!! Sounds like Brad, Justin and Al will be very thankful for you today! 🙂

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Sheila! I love reading your blog!! I am also so glad you chose to not participate in the Thursday/Friday madness. My son is forced to work on those days to accommodate shoppers. It makes me sad that all those people cannot celebrate with their families. We are having a big meal Sunday, but it’s not the same. Enjoy your cozy day! Sounds delish!

    1. We have went out the past couple of years but it really takes away from the holiday as your son knows… I worked retail for 14 years (Wal-mart) and remember all too well getting up at 4 am the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have many friends (like the one commenting above) who still does work retail and I know it puts a real crimp on your family time.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Sheila! Thank you for blogging about books. Your blog has inspired me to read more and to join a book club. Hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by family and good food 🙂

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Sheila! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family today. I am blessed by your blog. Thanks for continuing to share your love of books with us 🙂

  5. Sheila, this sounds like a wonderful day to be thankful for, too 🙂 Enjoy!!!

    We have my aunt and uncle up this year—again—which that, in itself, we’re thankful for! She has a lung disease that was expected to take her at least over a year ago, but she’s still going, so we’re grateful for that 🙂 I, too, have a lot to be grateful for which is what keeps me “up” through the many struggles, ’cause those struggles could be a lot worse without them! God deserves all the credit 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Your day sounds heavenly! I love nothing better than spending the day with family and friends…eating, watching movies and playing board/card games.

    Sadly, all our family won’t be together this year. My oldest son and his family are in NYC because my granddaughter was chosen to be one of the band members to be in the “Macy’s Great American Marching Band”! Did I tell you I’m busting with pride? Soooo proud of her!! Our daughter works today as does her mother in law, But later this evening my youngest son, husband and I will be meeting our daughter, son in law, 2 of our grandkids, and our son in laws parents, brother, aunt and uncle at a nearby restaurant. Yes…we are going out for Thanksgiving. The house is missing it’s turkey in the oven smell today, but all that matters is that we get to spend time with family.

    I hope you and your family have an amazing day! Happy Thanksgiving Sheila!

  7. Our Thanksgivings are equally quiet. Only one of my girls made it home from college this year, the other one had to be at work at 6pm tonight. We sleep in, watch the Macy’s Parade, eat breakfast and snacks and the big meal was @ 4:30. Caitie has filled up lots of containers with leftovers, she’s got to leave tomorrow to work tomorrow night. Our teen son’s girlfriend joined us, and she was very nice. We watched football, and now movies, and had pie and coffee, and it was a beautiful day here in FL. I am thankful for getting to know you in 2014, as you are a generous and kind person.

    1. Sounds like a nice day Anita! I like how everyone’s holiday is what it needs to be… we juggle work schedules, agendas, and the meal itself and make it work. Like i told my kids, if they can not make it, I dont even care if we celebrate Thanksgiving on a totally different day – we will figure it out. 😀 Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the sweet comment.

  8. I like how you start the oink fest early. We kicked it at my mum’s for a couple of hours and practically rolled outta there. I was in charge of the turkey this year, 18.2 lbs. It was a hit.

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