If I Stay Book vs. Movie



Synopsis:  Mia Hall is a gifted cellist.  She is quite possibly on her way to Julliard and is making hard decision with her boyfriend Adam who plays in a successful band.  Stay or go seem to be the decisions that Mia struggles with.  She has wonderful loving parents and a little brother she adores… there is so much to stay for.  Then one snow day her family takes a drive and is in a terrible accident that leaves Mia in a coma.  Mia has an out of body experience as she sees herself in the hospital.  As everything crumbles around her Mia and only Mia can make the decision if she should stay or if she should go.


The Book

I reviewed this book on my birthday in 2011.  Side note.. my reviews are kind of funny then… for myself I rated the book an average read.  It was good and I liked it but it was not over the top WOW.  We reviewed this as a group for my book club and we actually had a wonderful discussion over it, which I talk about in the review.


The Movie

I recently watched the movie of If I Stay that came out this year.  I did not think it would be “theater worthy” so I waited for it to come out for rental.  I have to admit I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the movie.  Mia played by Chloe Grace Moretz was wonderful.  I teared up several times during the scenes where she experiencing the pain of seeing what is happening around her.  Adam, played by Jamie Blackley was also exceptional.  Maybe I was just in the right mood for this kind of movie but whatever it was it really touched my heart.

Knowing that time and distance from the reading of the book may have to do with my decision her today I am going to have to say the winner of this Book vs Movie is…



See it… read it… but if you are going to choose one or the other I think the movie came off as more powerful and emotional.  Dang… it was GOOD.

17 thoughts on “If I Stay Book vs. Movie

  1. I loved the movie more than the book, and I saw the movie shortly after reading the book. It was the music….there is no way to adequately describe music in a book. Hearing it is the way to go for me.

  2. I read this when it came out and LOVED the book. I cried while reading it. I still haven’t seen the movie, I wasn’t sure about whether I wanted to. Thanks for a great review – sounds like I really need to see it. 🙂

  3. Welcome home! I am sure tons of book mailand family were great to come home to. I want to read/see If IStay. Hope you enjoy CeeCee Wilkes, the main character has Rheumatoid Arthritis just like Diane Chamberlain and I do. Besides that it is a fantastic story.

  4. I absolutely LOVED that book, but I haven’t seen the movie yet. The trailer raised my expectations so I think I’ll enjoy it. Glad that you did. 🙂

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