Morning Meanderings… Perpetually TIRED


Good morning from IHOP.  I am back in a booth shaking things up today by not only having coffee and an English muffin… but today I added oatmeal too.  Yeah… that’s way I roll… crazy and unpredictable… watch out. 😉

I am tired.  Bone tired.  I have not had a day of nothingness since October 29th before I left for my Florida trip with my son.  I work all day in the bee yard and yesterday I rode along with my friend Amanda 3 1/2 hours to where the bees are going to pick up the rental car and bring it back to the hotel 3 1/2 hours back.  I wilted into bed around midnight.


I ache. My hands hurt from lifting bee frames all day and the tiny stings they endure.  My back hurts from leaning over the hives.  My head hurts from the sun glare.

I dream.  I dream of bees.  I see them when I close my eyes and not in a creepy Amityville horror way with the flies but they are just there.  And Queen bees I see them too… I cant wait to dream of normal stuff like unicorns or space monkeys.


Today I am on my way back to the bee yard.  We really have today and tomorrow to finish this part up so I am anticipate another long day.  I will be listening to audio today (He’s Gone by Deb Caletti).  I am getting a bit of a Gone Girl vibe but we will see where this is going.

14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Perpetually TIRED

  1. Oh Sheila…be careful and take care of yourself…that’s not enough sleep plus your body is going to be in shock when you get home to the cold! Can you stay in bed for 48 hours with room service…Al…when you get home?

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