Morning Meanderings… MN GIve To The Max Day and HP Hook Up Link

Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios
Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios

Good morning!  I am still in Florida working away with long hours and exhausted sleep.  We are working hard to get done and get home and I am all about that – even if it freezing and lots of snow in Minnesota.  I miss my hubby, my puppies, my bed 🙂

Today is GIVEMN day where you can link up a non profit charity and of course I am promoting our library.  I am not sure if this is a thing for all states or not – I suspect it probably is.  Anyhoo – here is our Library link and our goal:  Brainerd Public Library Give MN


04 Harry Potter

For the HP Readalongers… the link for your first review is up and if you have not found it yet – add your thoughts here.  I need to catch up on House Points so please watch for that soon.  Remember you earn points by writing posts and also by commenting on posts.

It is not to late to sign up to join this readalong that started in November and will go to March 2015.  Check out all things about this here.


I am off to work for the day.  We are still splitting hives.  Hope to finish this part in the next few days here so we can get all the bees delivered, queened, and fed.


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