Morning Meanderings… Tales From The IHOP


Good morning!  Currently living out of a hotel room in Wildwood Florida helping my friend with the bees!  It is early – EARLY.  I got up at 4:30 am after hitting the snooze 3 times from my 4 am setting.  We are meeting up at 5:30 to get started as the sun comes up but I need a little “wake up” time so I am at the IHOP attached to our hotel.

IHOP at 4:30 am is very pleasant.  The music is 50’s style.  The coffee is hot.  My English muffin with a little strawberry jelly makes me happy.  It is me and one trucker in here.  I own the IHOP at 4:30 am.  Throughout my time here we will probably become very close.


Today we will be splitting bee hives.  We have been here since Monday running around getting everything lined up.  Tim (Amanda’s husband) arrived yesterday with the semi of our boxes and pallets and everything we need to get going.  By the time we prepped everything it was 5 pm so we called it a day to get back before the sun went down.  We will work sun up to sun down today – breaking for lunch.  I am taking audio with me in case I feel like popping in the ear buds and getting into a book while I plug away.

I should have some pictures up tomorrow.

Have a super awesome day.  In Harry Potter updates I made a prize page yesterday morning. Lots of fun things being given away for this readalong.  Check it out.  I finished book 1 last night as I drifted to sleep.  Never gets old…


14 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Tales From The IHOP

  1. I was up early today, too — before 5! — but wasn’t productive and didn’t get a blog post up! Your day sounds much more exciting than mine, too!

    • Back in for lunch Mary – stung 7 times so far today… mainly in my thighs as I am sitting next to the hives as we go through them… right through the bee suit and my leggings… OW!

  2. Yep, I imagine you and everyone at IHOP will be fast friends before you leave Florida! It sounds like you’ll be working hard!!

  3. I am fascinated by what you are doing with these bees. Can’t wait to find out the details about what splitting a hive entails. Have you read that book The Bees that came out this year? Not my usual genre at all, but I was glued to the pages!

    • I will try to put a post up for Saturday snapshot… the trick is to take a picture I have to take my gloves off and they are a bit hyper today! 😛

  4. Sure sounds like you’re very busy with the bees. I bet it gets hot in those bee suits! Be careful not to get stung!

  5. I finished last night too! Which is good since I have a book conference this weekend. I also finished that dratted down tree! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of the bee splitting!

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