You Choose My Next Read and You Win the Book!


Fall book sale is over so it is that time again!  Here I will show you the books that I picked up at the sale.  In the comments – tell me which of these books you would love to read.  On Friday I will choose a winner using and that is the book I will read this weekend and mail it out next week to the winner.

It’s fun… and two of us get to read something good!  🙂

Click to see a larger picture and the titles of the first few on the left


Click to see a larger picture

*Note the only ones not up for grab is the one standing to the left of the top pic, hat is a copy of Little Women and I wish to keep that one and The Great Gatsby book to be added to my classic collection.


71 thoughts on “You Choose My Next Read and You Win the Book!

  1. I can’t enlarge those pictures. When I click them, I’m taken back to your post. So it’s difficult to read the spines, especially in the top photo because of too much glare. But that’s OK; I enter plenty of your other giveaways.

    1. I dont think there is a way for me to make them enlarge on wordpress. I just googled it and they suggested making a second page with them bigger so if you click on the pics now it should take you to another page to see them. If there is one you would like a title for just let me know 🙂

      1. Sheila, from what I’ve gathered since fooling around with my blogs now is it’s the size of the image itself (pixels) and also, you know how when you edit a picture it can post small, med., large? I think if you pick the larger size it allows for bigger when you click on it. Give it a shot when you can and see if that works.

        1. I will look at it later. I already made a page that has them bigger. It has been a long week and my “sort of mellow day” did not turn out at all like that – I left the house at 9:30 am and came home after 4. Then I went to right to cleaning up my kitchen as I have not been home at all and it needed love. Kitchen.. dishes, kitchen tables, laundry, vac, and shampoo carpets… not a lot left of me 🙂

  2. I just noticed in your twitter column that someone mentions FIVE DAYS LEFT. If that is one of the books, that’s the one that I’d pick, also. But I don’t think you would find that one at a used book sale.

    1. That one is from a previous post I put up this morning of what came in for me to read 🙂 If you hold down CTRL and hit the + sign on your key board it will make your site bigger that you are looking at. Perhaps that would help. When you are done, just hold down CTRL and the – sign and you can put it back to where you like to read it.

  3. Great haul! I’ve got boxes full of books from library sales, trips to Half-Price Books and thrift store shelves.

    Very difficult to choose but I’d go with Sister. That one was already on my TBR list. The runners-up would be :
    . Peyton Place — guilty pleasure read
    . U is for Undertow — I’ve only read one of Grafton’s books, T is for Trespass, which I enjoyed. This one sounds really good and it would give me a chance to sample reading via audiobook.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway 🙂

  4. I love these posts from your library sales…we not only get to see the books you bought, but get a chance to win one of them too!

    My choice would be Peyton Place by Grace Metalious.

  5. Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, the most awesome book on books, with old books and geeky-googly stuff, and also elements of mystery. You really need to read it! and you will LOVE it

  6. Fahrenheit 451… If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a classic and well worth your time. It even has to do with books!

  7. You have a wonderful haul from the library sale! I am so glad to hear that all the hard work raised so much money! My little eyes spied The Doctor’s Wife~thanks so much for the opportunity!

  8. Great idea for a giveaway. I have all the books I’d want to read from the pictures, so I won’t enter to win anything. I just wanted to throw my two-cents in about what you should read next. I think it should be Dean Koontz, Michael Connelly, or Sue Grafton. I love all those books!

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