Morning Meanderings… Library Friends Networking


Good morning!  Happy Tuesday!  Yesterday morning I made apple butter with our apples from our trees and my home this morning still smells like cinnamon and apples….


Yesterday afternoon I went to a workshop in Roseville Minnesota to network with other Friends Of The Library.  It was pretty fun and they used our Friends group in Brainerd for many examples – website description of what friends of the library do, our Wine and Words event, summer brown bag author events…  it was cool to know that we were on the right track in many ways.

I enjoyed listening to the other things that friends are doing in other areas – 5k walks and runs, bowling for books, and my personal favorite (wish I would have thought of it!) The Great Gatsby Gala that they had planned to make $20,000 and they raised $47,000!  Holy smokes!!!!  Granted it was in the bigger Minnesota cities so more people and more money… but still…. WOW.  I hope to attend this one next year so I can see what they are doing up close.

I think the saddest thing at this workshop was the Itaska Friends group.  Their library is open one day a week; Wednesdays from noon to 4 pm.  That is heart breaking, yet this group raises money and awareness for their library through book sales, and being in the Fourth Of July parade.

One emphasis they put out there was being POSITIVE.  I could not agree more.  Having negative people on your teams sucks the life and energy out of the team…. in any circumstance.  You need to stay positive and work to make events fun!

Anyhoo… it was a good time, it was fun meeting others in Minnesota in Friends groups.  I did not arrive back home until 11 pm last night, but was able to listen to audio for my 2+ hour drive each way so that made it awesome 🙂


Does Your Library Have A Friends Group?  Are you a part of it?  What does your group do?

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Library Friends Networking

  1. Sounds like a fun and informative event! The stats on how much money Rochester raised got me thinking about relative population size.

    Rochester raised about 43 cents per person (dividing $47,000 by a population of 110,000). Comparable fundraising for the Brainerd-Baxter metro (13,000) would be about $5,550. : )

  2. During my life I have have been associated with 2 different libraries. In both cases there would not have been a library without the volunteers. One was in Bouse, AZ. Here everything was donate, building librarian, books. When I became involved it had been operating for a couple years. The county had decided to pay the librarian. This was a winter resident community.
    The other was an incorporate area in southern Nevada. There was no funds for books. Many of my books went there when I was done with them.

  3. I pay my annual fee to join the Friends group but when I put on my yearly application that I’m willing to volunteer, I get a great big, “Thanks but we’ve got it covered.” Seriously? It frustrates me. I don’t even know when they meet.

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