Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis




Emmy Dockery knows there is something more to the rash of fires across the states what all have a similar feel to them:

1. They are always in the bedroom

2.  They always result in a death

The problem is, no one else believes that they are anything more than unfortunate accidents and carelessness on the home owners part.  As more and more fires happen Emmy picks up on a pattern but she is more or less on her own.  Even her ex-fiance field agent Harrison “Books” Bookman who would love to be on her side on this, just does not see it.

Emmy is starting to wonder if maybe she is pushing something to far… perhaps they are just off coincidences and maybe because one of these fires hit too close to her personally she just wants it to be something other than an accident…


what if there really is a crazy killer out there?



I absolutely adore Patterson’s books on audio.  Honestly, I believe his books were my first real dabble into audio and I was wowed on what audio could be.  They are of superb quality.  If you are an audio listener, or would like to try – I highly recommend picking up one of his books on audio.
When I seen a chance to review Patterson and Ellis’ new book, Invisible on audio I did not hesitate to say yes.  It has been a while since I have listened to any of his work and I was curious if he had maintained what I loved about his books on audio.

He had.

Invisible was set at a perfectly creepy level without ever becoming gory.  Told in alternating viewpoints from Emmy, and then from our killer as he records himself in what he calls “Graham  sessions”, a recording for the police or FBI to get a sample of who he is and what he does.

I personally found this book on audio to be superb listening.  I have said it before, Patterson audio is high quality, this one added a lot of background tot he audio that took it to the next level.  This book has not been receiving the best ratings (I just seen this today), and I am wondering if it would have come across as well in book format as the audio.

I recommend the audio version of Invisible for a great chilling read that kept my guessing and even as I finished this one and it all started to rapidly come together I was chilled to discover what was fully going on.

12 thoughts on “Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis

  1. I am new to your blog. I found it via another blog, can’t remember now which one. Am enjoying your posts and read a lot of the back ones. Have put it onto my blog roll of blogs to follow. I have only read James Patterson’s books about Alex Cross which I have followed for years. Have never listened to his audio books. Love you are in Minnesota. I grew up in Michigan and was always fascinated as a child how cold Minnesota could get in the winter. Now I live in Tasmaia, Australia. Look forward to following your blog more often.

  2. I have to admit I’ve never listened to an audio book. Ever. I’m not quite sure if I’d like it or not…

    Glad you liked this. I’m a bit hit and miss sometimes with James Patterson (et al).


  3. I’m a bit of James Patterson fan, but lost some admiration when he started writing with “other authors”. Call me a fool if you will, but if he didn’t write it, albeit he had the idea, should JP receive all the credit? Ok, so that had nothing to do with your review, which sounds very creepy. Nice one

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