Morning Meandering…. Giveaway and My First (and second!) Bee Sting


Good morning.  Friday!  SWEET!!!!  Except my head is full of….

I should clean my kitchen, clean out the fridge, make apple butter with the apples on the trees, take a bike ride, change out the window for banned books week at the library, make a few phone calls, laundry, pick up supplies to make apple butter… look for my moms supplies, mow my lawn…..

Anyhoo… for now, I am chatting with you.  And having coffee.  And listening to a book. I have most of the weekend for all of the above.


First up today – the giveaway.  I posted yesterday about the book (and the movie!) This Is Where I Leave You.  I thought I posted too late to be a part of the awesome giveaway going on but found out this morning that I am not too late…. so please comment on that post to be included in the giveaway.  I will choose a random winner on Tuesday morning to win this package:

Giveaway Details:

One (1) winner from Book Journey will win a prize pack including:

$25 Visa gift card to see the film in theaters & copy of the book (movie tie-in cover)


OOH!  But remember – comment on that post. to be entered, not this one.


Ok next up the bee sting.  I have been helping my friend Amanda off and on through the past few years with her bee business.  I have been around more lately as she has a lot going on planning to move the bees to Florida for the winter.  I have prided myself on the fact that I had never been stung… in fact I often thought it was due to my sesame oil skin softener which as a bonus seems to repel bugs like flies, mosquito’s, etc…

In fact….

and this is a bit embarrassing…

We were in the truck driving away from a bee yard and I was talking about how the days I knew I would be in the bee yards I would even put the softener on my neck… at that moment I was stung in the throat.  Yes – right front and center of my neck and it HURT!

Then… at the next stop, somehow one got into my bee suit and stung me in the eye brow area of my left eye.  Seriously….. OW!

Works like botox... look at the little lines above my right eye... but my stung one is all smooth....
Works like Botox… look at the little lines above my right eye… but my stung one is all smooth….

An then…I was done being nice to the bees for the day.  I am generally a pretty level person who loves to live in the “Can’t we all just get along?” world.  Until… we can’t all live in the get along world because someone or something stings me twice and then…


no longer yesterday was I that person that said “Don’t kill it!  Roll down your window and let it out!”  Nope.  I think I smashed 5 bees yesterday for being in the truck and a potential threat to me.  I am not proud… but like in any war…

there are casualties.

Ok… I am off to work on that above list.  I think what sounds most interesting right now is picking out books for the banned book week display.  Always a good time.  Oh and don’t forget if you want to participate this year in the fun of Banned Book Week (September 21-27) please sign up!  There will be prizes!!!




12 thoughts on “Morning Meandering…. Giveaway and My First (and second!) Bee Sting

  1. Sorry about the bee stings. I got my first sting when I was a kid. I put my hand on the stair railing, right on top of a bee. It stung me on the palm btwn my thumb and index finger. It was my left hand and I’m a lefty. The second time, we were on a family vacation and a couple bees got inside my shirt. They stung me multiple times on my back. There were other tourists nearby and I must have looked pretty silly jumping/squirming and shouting “ouch.”

    My daughter got her first sting a few months ago. We were looking at storage facilities and the employee had just lifted up the gate when my daughter clutched her stomach and said it hurt. Then she did the same with her shoulder. The bee stung her right above her navel. I brushed the one on her shoulder off before another could sting her again.

    Hubby was stung on the eye as a child and had a bad reaction. He was terrified that she would suffer the same way and totally went overboard. Although we had other errands, he insisted we go back home so she could take an allergy pill and put a cold pack on her stings. She kept trying to tell him she was fine and could she PLEASE take the pack off b/c it was cold. I told him he was being a bigger wimp than she was.

    But, all rambling aside, your stings were worse. The throat and eye, seriously?!

    Btw, thanks for accepting my FB friend request — that was fast!

  2. Ouch! Sorry you got stung!

    bettylouise31 is right! Florida has fire ants and they hurt so bad. You usually get bit by stepping in the fire ant bed cause you didn’t see it, and then gobs and gobs of them jump on you and you’re a mess. I don’t know if other states have them. I’ve lived in California and Ohio as well as Florida and haven’t seen them anywhere but here.

  3. Ooooh, the stings! : / And you know, bugs are NOT my favorite things in the world. I’m grateful for the jobs they do (and bees do critical ones), but when they cross over into MY territory (in my house, in my space), they are unwanted pests and they DIE! I even wrote a little poem about them years ago and expressed my deepfelt sentiment on this matter! lol

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