Diary Of A Mad Diva by Joan Rivers


In diary format, Joan Rivers shares a year of her life…  the moments at home, the running to her shows, her conversations with fellow stars, Melissa….

but this is not a recap of Joan’s life and how she made her rise to where she was at the time of the recording – no, this is an account of her current life at the time of the writing… what she deals with as an aging star, and of course much harsh words for those who cross her path, both living and dead.

She complains about charitable cases, people with too many kids, those who starve themselves, those who are too heavy, the blind, the rich, the poor… you name it – if you know Joan, she will attack it.



I chose to listen to this audio because honestly, I know little of Joan Rivers.  With her recent passing, and seeing her books on audible, I thought I should give her a try.  Let me just say that Joan’s book is not for the faint at heart, easily offended, sensitivity to offensive language and lewd acts….

I will just say that while at moments she was funny, for the most part she was crude, and cruel and while I wanted to give this one a try, I will not become a fan of her work.  The audio reminded me a lot of Betty White and how she has become this crude older woman who people love because the “F” word coming out of her mouth is as hilarious as it is when a two-year old pops out an inappropriate word.  IMO, Betty sold herself out for this kind of publicity, I do not know when Joan became so crude or if she always has been that way, but this would explain why I never followed her career.


Personal note – when she said that Libraries were over and that we do not need them anymore… saying no one was breaking ground on new libraries… well….  now she just got personal.   ~Sheila


Note:  I have come to understand (really knowing little about this woman) that she was a ground breaker for women entering into comedy and being given a voice.  Joan Rivers served us well in our history of women stepping into new roles and for that I am grateful.

Rest in peace Joan.


8 Comments on “Diary Of A Mad Diva by Joan Rivers

  1. I was a fan of Joan although I didn’t follow her really closely, and did think her language a bit much and at times she seemed oblivious of the feelings of others.

    I haven’t read any of her books, so thanks for this review. At this time I doubt I’ll be reading any of her books, but you never know, I could change my mind at some point.

  2. This is a case of a negative review really making me want to try a book. Thanks for your honesty.

    • Awesome! I would always hope that just because I did not find a book to be what I was hoping for that it would not cause authors not to give it a try 😀

  3. Thank you for being honest. The very in your face way of Joan Rivers was very difficult for me to understand leave alone accept. I could never understand the biting cruelty of a lot of her remarks

    • I am super curious about the beginning of her career – was she always that way or did that become the thing that made her stand out and through the years she mastered it to a fine sharpness?

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