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For September, our group the Bookies read and discussed That Night by Chevy Stevens.  I had read this one and reviewed it in June.  For myself, I was already a fan of Chevy Stevens books, but I was excited to see the bookies try her.

Brief synopsis:  Toni, a senior at her school becomes a victim to bullying even at the hands of her younger sister.  Her parents, especially her mother believe that Toni is the trouble maker while her sister Nicki gets away with everything.  When Nicki is found dead, Toni is blamed in having killed her and is tried as an adult and sent to prison.  Years later, on probation she is out and back in her home town where nobody wants her there, but she has to figure out what really happened that night.


That Night, actually surprised me of how well it lent itself to great discussion.  While at first glance I would not have called this a great book club discussion book, after last night I believe I need to change my response to that.

That Night covers such topics as the criminal justice service, wrongful convictions, dirty cops, bullying, murder, family dynamics, and relationships.  Our group actually had a deep conversation around these topics.  Including today’s school system, how the rights have gone from the teachers tot he students and how their is no control unless the parents give permission – and usually they do not.

Why would book clubs enjoy this read:  Chevy Stevens is well worth putting on your book club or reading groups radar.  Her book Still Missing blew me away years ago and I still refer to it.  I can easily see her books becoming movies.  Book Clubs can find much to discuss within these pages as I mentioned above.

We did do a little food with our review… nothing themed – I could not get my head wrapped around this one for a good idea…. and there is not much food in the book itself:

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  1. Y’all have the best book club meetings. I sure wish I lived closer and could be a member!

  2. Your food looks wonderful. I loved That Night. I’m glad it was a good choice for your book club discussions.

  3. I wish I knew of a book club where I live, you guys always have so much fun!
    I love Chevy Stevens!

  4. I loved That Night, just as I have adored all the previous books by this author. What a fun discussion that would be…and I can see these books as movies, too.

  5. Yes, wish I was in your book club!

  6. I really enjoyed Still Missing. LOVED IT! I wasn’t quite as enthralled by That Night, but it could have been me expecting too much!

  7. So glad you enjoyed THATNIGHT! Thanks for choosing it for your bookclub.

  8. this food looks sooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooood!

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