That Night by Chevy Stevens



Toni Murphy was your typical 18 year old teenage girl.  She quarreled with her parents, had drama at school, and had the boy the in turn had her heart; Ryan.  By far the worst of it – were the group of girls at school who were set on making Toni’s life a living hell.  (Think mean girls on steroids).  As the girls became meaner, and bolder, Toni’s life begins to unravel, and when they become friends with her younger, innocent sister Nicole… the battle really begins.

One night at a party that Toni, Ryan, and Nicole are attending, Nicole turns up dead.  Her body found in a nearby lake with appearances of a struggle.  As Toni and Ryan were the last to see Nicole, the two teens are pinned for the murder.

Now at 34, Toni is released on parole with the knowledge that she in never to be in contact with Ryan again who also should be released around that same time.  As Toni makes her way back to her home town to try to piece together what is left of her life, clues start coming together to what really happened…

That Night.



It is no secret that I adore Chevy Stevens.  When I listened to Still Missing on audio I was floored at how engaged I became with her well written story of a missing girl.  Since then I have eagerly awaited each release of her books.

That Night was a twisted read that hits hard on the hot topic of bullying.  The girls in the book made Toni’s life unbearable and I could not imagine being in her shoes.  As you will find out if read the book, things are not much easier for her in prison; it’s just a different level of mean girls.

There were aspects of this book I really enjoyed – and some not so much.  Toni is not an easy protagonist to like, but you will find yourself rooting for her anyway.  In the end author Chevy Stevens breaks through with another “WHOA.” from me.  Just when you think you have it all figured out.. you will discover that you know nothing… NOTHING, about That Night.



Thank you to St. Martin’s Press Publicity for sending me a

copy of this book for an honest review.




29 thoughts on “That Night by Chevy Stevens

  1. I love books that shock me and twists that I don’t see coming. Chevy is good at that (at least from the first two books of hers that I read). This book is on my Summer TBR list and I’m excited to read it. I’m glad to see you enjoyed it!

  2. Book covers have amazing power, in my opinion, certainly for me. I can be anywhere in a bookstore, including areas I don’t read, and if the book cover is great, I want to know why! lol This one’s a beauty 🙂

  3. I loved Chevy’s first three books so much that she is one of my favorite authors. My favorite is Still Missing ( you listened to the audio version?). I never even thought about it being on audio!. Now I definitely want to get the audio version! I have That Night on my bookshelf waiting for me to get to it, and I can hardly wait.

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