Morning Meanderings… Lending Library Road Trip


Good morning bookish people!  Whaz up?  It is Friday!  FRIDAY!  I feel there should be dancing in the streets – not only is it Friday… but it is a fairly low-key weekend which is awesome… I don’t see another one of those for a while 🙂



This morning my friend and fellow Library Advocate are road tripping to Nisswa Minnesota to support a Lending Library; about a 20 minute drive.  Zaiser’s is a shoe store in Nisswa that has put a lending library outside of the store.  It is a cool one too, made out of a hundred year old tree that had fallen.  Their opportunity is that the books are going out faster than they are coming in.  They put a little blurb on Facebook about this (brilliant idea!) and now Gail and I are taking books there this morning and then having coffee to celebrate. 

So what books did I pull off my shelves for them?


I chose an assortment of books for kids and adults.  I picked a few favorites I have duplicates of as well as a few that would make good summer reading or hopefully cause a person to want to read more by a certain author.  As you may see in the middle, there is a copy of Summer House and Return to Summer House by Jude Deveroux, two books that speak to me (especially Summer House).

Later today is the Jon Hassler event at the Brainerd College… it is going to be a bookish day 😀

8 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Lending Library Road Trip

    1. Elaine, these are little areas built to store books that people are welcome to take and return, or take and keep – the idea being that people will also drop off their books to so there is a steady stream of books coming in and going out. If you Google lending libraries images you will see some pretty cute ones. People sometimes put them at the end of their yard if they live in town, or you might see them outside of stores, or in parks. 😀

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