Morning Meanderings… It’s Time To Move It Move It!


Good morning Tuesday!  Wow.  It’s still cold here in Minnesota *shakes fist at air*, however sitting inside the house this morning looking outside… it looks nice – and after this LONG winter… I can accept the fact that it looks like spring.. even if it doesn’t feel like it yet.  (Yes…. this mornings run on sentence is brought to you by…. me apparently. 😉

I have been in such a long winter funk I think my energy has been zapped unlike anything I have dealt with in a long time.  I come home and I want to do pretty much nothing… and its driving me bananas. 🙂

The good thing is there are AMAZING things to be looking forward to.  Yesterday evening we had a great first team meeting to our Wine and Words event this fall.  It is always energizing to see others get excited about what is planned.


Also – in a couple of weeks there is a 10K I am participating in with my friend Amy… and that same weekend… a Zombie event in my home town that… well, honestly… I just want to be a zombie for a few hours.  (Episode after episode on The Walking Dead has prepared me for this role…)

In May – College son graduates AND I am in charge of a BIG garage sale for a movie campaign…. then… the Book Expo in New York is the last week of May followed immediately by a run in the cities on June 1.



Armchair BEA registration is now open as well – we had a brain storming session yesterday afternoon with the team and this is going to be a great year… if you are not going to BEA – be sure to register for this, it is going to be awesome!  (More on Armchair BEA to come in future posts!)

Armchair BEA

Holy smokes… things are going to take off fast here. 🙂

Just writing all that down is helping.  Think I need a little video jam to go with this post.


Oh and I am reading To Rise Again At A Decent Hour by Joshua Ferris and it is fun.  This may be the book for Bloggers Recommended, May edition out later this month.  I am listening to Rob Lowe’s new book that just came out (loved his first one on audio) and I just really enjoy listening to him… the boy has a lot of talent, narrating included.

Dance it up people.  It’s Tuesday!  I like to move it move it! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… It’s Time To Move It Move It!

  1. I can’t wait for BEA! I’m listening to the Ferris book now and am undecided about what I think of it. I’ve just started though, so I’m still getting to know what the dentist is all about.

    1. Candice I could not agree more! I am over 100 pages in reading it) and some of the repeat of words in paragraphs two, three, four times, is wearing on me. It is going to have to turn around when I am reading it tonight or I am going to have to promote a different book 🙂

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