Irish Eyes by Mary Kay Andrews


Ex Atlanta Cop, Callahan Garrity, sometimes wonders why she gave it all up to be owner of the House Mouse, a house cleaning service to those with means in the Georgia area.  Then, when she finds herself at the scene of a liquor store crime that involves the shooting of one of her dear friends who is also a cop… she remembers why…

the job just isn’t worth your life.

Yet, when Callahan does not see the police taking the direction they should in the case, Callahan can not help but let old instincts take over. As she puts her nose where it doesn’t belong, things get a little dangerous…


This was my first Callahan Garrity book and probably won’t be my last.  With a little whimsy of a cozy mystery (the House Mouse workers and Callahan’s own mother keep the book light and fun), and a small likelihood to Janet Evanovich, this book was a treat to read.

One thing I liked about this protagonist is that she is tough, a little rough around the edges (she can drink with the best of the boys), and she doesn’t give up.  She does not take on the ditzy female role that other books like it tend to and I appreciated that.

A fun quick listen (I went for this one on audio!) that I thoroughly enjoyed enough to explore more of these books.

This book filled my Georgia requirement!



5 thoughts on “Irish Eyes by Mary Kay Andrews

  1. Cute cover! I’ve enjoyed several of her later books but haven’t tried any of her earlier mysteries. Glad you enjoyed it. I may look for it in audio.

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