We Interupt This Winter for A Summer Beach Break Event With Prizes!


Everywhere I look in Minnesota there is SNOW SNOW SNOW.  We are having wind chill warnings weekly, snow storms, and more school closings this year then I remember in my entire life.  😯  Then I go on-line and read other book reviewers in the same boat – unusual cold temperatures, winds, snow in states that normally do not get snow…

And then here are two things that pushed me over the proverbial edge that came to my attention in the last 24 hours:

1.  Our Local Water and Light Company has advised that to prevent pipes from freezing we run a pencil width stream of water in our home faucets from now until (wait for it……) April 15th.  APRIL 15th???

2.  Minnesota lakes are reporting having 30 – 36 inches of thick ice on them.  At this rate we will be ice fishing in June.


Due to all of that…  I am calling an emergency Summer-Cation.  We need to talk sunshine people!!!!  This event will take place next weekend, March 7-9th.  I am looking for people to write posts of a great summer experience (sun is not optional… I repeat sun is not optional!  😀 )  While not mandatory, I hope that most of the participants will offer a summery type giveaway…something beach or vacation worthy, preferably bookish as well but doesn’t have to be.

A few ideas to get you thinking of your giveaway would be:

A great summer read

A Beach bag to bring your books along with you

sunglasses, tanning lotion, beach towel….

You get the idea. 😀

If you want to participate please fill out the form below.

10 thoughts on “We Interupt This Winter for A Summer Beach Break Event With Prizes!

  1. I can give you as usual sunshine in abundance. Please take it away from here and send me some rain. Anything, just anything in lieu of sunshine!!!!

  2. When i first read this, I was thinking “Yeah, I can do that!” Then I realized my blogs aren’t up and running yet lol I was going to post an essay I wrote maybe 15-20 years ago, but I’d have to work on it since I know a LOT more about revision now than I used to. I love the idea of this, Sheila. Can’t wait to see what the participants put up! 😀

  3. I am IN. Will be doing a giveaway.

    Yes…winter is still here in Pittsburgh, but not as bad as you folks in Minnesota have it. It snowed again today, but seems to have stopped.

    THANKS for the fun idea….maybe we can chase the winter away with all our posts. 🙂

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