Morning Meanderings… Saturday My Favorite Day Of The Week!


If you read me I think you know I LOVE Saturdays.  Quite often they are the day that I have no commitments and I really need a day like that, preferably at least once a week or I get a little boggled.  😀

Today… is a no commitment day.

I have really had no super excitement as of late, the run I was supposed to do last Sunday I did not do because of my injured foot (the ol’ dropping of the treadmill) and our roads here in Central Minnesota were BAD last weekend after yet another snow storm.  There was an opportunity to do a Polar Plunge today about 30 miles from here but with the temperatures still dipping below zero, and the people I knew that thought they were going to do it really never decided….  I will wait another year to do that again. 😀

I thought today or Saturday Snapshot, since outside is cold and dreary I would just post a few past fun things that will make me; and maybe you… smile. 

This is the Polar Plunge we did I think three years ago. Notice how I am being drug into the water… EEP!


This was a sign at the Color Run Justin and I did on 2013. I thought it was so funny I told him we had to pose by it.

About 45 minutes from Brainerd there is an apple orchard and this display is what sits out on the road by their entrance… some photo ops are too good to pass up 🙂


This (above) pic was taken in August 2011, our ten-year anniversary of our book club.  Angie and I are two out three of the original Bookies and we are sitting in the same booth we sat in when we had our very first Bookies meeting in August 2001.  Now.. there are too many Bookies to fit into this booth, although it would have been fun to try 😀  Oh and if you are wondering what that first book was that was read by the Bookies it was Dance Upon The Air by Nora Roberts. Awesome book.


This is the full Bookies book club (missing one in this picture – Susan) as of last February.  It’s not often that we all make it so this was a great time to take a photo-op and show off the goodies that Author Sandra Brannan had sent us in a “Care Package” for our review of In The Belly Of Jonah.

There is my Saturday Snapshot for this week. 😀  Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday, I have some reading to do and house stuff and unless Al and I hit a movie later today I think I may just stay in. 😀

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Saturday My Favorite Day Of The Week!

  1. What fun photos! I like looking at the past through an array of snapshots. Thanks for sharing; and thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your commitment-free weekend.

  2. It makes me feel so happy to look over photos of happy events from the past. Thank you for sharing these with us, Sheila.

    (Love the sign. Need more of those around….how about, “Call your mother” and “Your mother rocks!”)

  3. You are brave for doing the polar plunge, dragged or not. Its not something I would ever want to do as I am not a fan of the cold. The photos are great especially the one of the hay bale. Thanks for sharing them!


  4. Brrr. Just looking at your photo of the polar plunge made me shiver! Thanks for sharing some glimpses into your life. Looks like you have fun! And thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment.

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