Morning Meanderings…. Caffeine Apocalypse #needmycoffeenow


Good morning!

Sunday already!  I spent the most part of yesterday working on the Camp Benedict website.  What I thought would be a few tweaks, led to more links, etc….  and then when I thought I could work on it more today, found out that it was being shown at a camp benefit show last night and needed to look sharp.  *gulp*  Back to it, all through dinner, but it is done. 😀

As per my goal, I did not leave the house yesterday which led to my late morning crisis of going to make a second pot of coffee and seeing I did not have enough.


NO coffee…and of course now here I am (since I did not leave the house yesterday) sipping on a cup of green tea and trying to pretend it is the same thing.  For the record… it’s not the same thing.

Books last week – had some fun ones come in….


Yes, three audio books!  You have no idea how excited that makes me 🙂  I am in need of some great audio!  The books also look great, I have some reading to do this afternoon after I get home.

And finally… because I am out of coffee and I think hash tags can be funny (#gettingmycaffeineon,  #coffeeless,  #showmethegrounds, #jonesingforthebrew, #cupacupa, #headingtostarbucks, #musthavecoffee)  I thought I would leave you this funny clip with Jimmy Fallon and Hashtags. 😀

5 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Caffeine Apocalypse #needmycoffeenow

  1. I would be very sad if I didn’t have coffee! We come close sometimes, but I tend to buy some when the previous package is at about halfway empty…

  2. OK, the whole #hashtag thing was great. That is NOT easy to do! lol Is that something Jimmy Fallon has on the Tonight Show now? I never watch that stuff anymore.

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