Morning Meanderings…. Ladies Night Out Recap


Good morning!  Happy HAPPY Friday! 

My ladies night excursion last night was fun!  Myself and three of my friends went around to local business and had our cards punched and did everything from shooting hoops, to trying a room key at a hotel to see if we won a suite for a weekend, to hula hooping. 😛  At the stops we received samples, coupons, and tasty treats.

GNO (Girls Night Out) is a fun event that happens twice a year in Brainerd, once in February and once in October… you may remember the October one… they encourage us to dress up:


This event is actually a brilliant way to get women to go out and learn about the businesses in our community.  We are given a list of places to go to get the punch on our card.  AT these businesses we may need to answer questions about the business to enter to win something (they always make it easy to find the answers), or you may play a game like mini golf…  at one of the stops last night they were giving massages…. NICE! Not only do we learn about the businesses in our community, we have a great time with our friends!

Each stamp on our card earns up a ticket at the end of the night.  The tickets go into a big drawing box and then winners are announced on the radio at 8:15 am the following morning.  If they announce your ticket # you have two minutes to call in or they draw another #.  This morning they gave away a spa package, a pair of diamond earrings, a $500 cash prize, and a $10000 cash prize.  They said about 240 women participated last night which is down from over 450 in the fall, but we are still battling cold awful weather here.  The $1000 winner did not call within two minutes this morning so they drew another #.  It’s exciting and fun!

None of the girls in my group won but you can be sure we will try again in the fall. 😀

Today I have a meeting about the camp applications for this years Camp Benedict, a camp that I am on the Board of.  I also need to work out, write a review, work on Wine and Words brochures, work on Friends Of the Library brochures, run a  few errands in town, purchase my BEA plane ticket, finish laundry, plan dinner… it’s going to be a great day 😀

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