Morning Meanderings… New Window at The Library


Good morning!  Here I am at the end of my work week after today and feeling pretty good. 😀  Yes, this is another morning meandering about the library.  Really…. there has been quite the library theme this week. 

You may have seen this fun picture floating around Facebook:


We decided to mimic this (sort of) for our March window.  So yesterday I worked on this:




We went with green because of ST Patrick’s Day and of course because maybe someday hopefully we will see Spring.  It was a lot of fun to pick out the books off my shelf that are green. 😀

Tonight is the Spring (ha ha – but true) Girls Night Out.  Our City does a little cool Stars Hollowish (yes yes Gilmore Girls reference) thing where starting at 3 pm today women are given a list of businesses to visit around the area.  At each stop you received a ticket, as well as drawings, appetizers, occasionally beverages.  At the end of the night, by 8 pm we all have to meet at a specific store and turn all of tickets into a BIG box that will be shook up and in the morning on the radio they will draw for the big prizes… sometimes a spa package, or diamond earrings….

It has been so cold and windy that I would rather stay home… however, I also think that if I can just stick it out, maybe the competition will not be as steep this time. 😛

Is that wrong?  😯

Anyhoo… that’s my day.

16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… New Window at The Library

  1. Good luck! March is the month for luck…and when I see all those green and blue covers, I’m rethinking my plan to have a lot of those colors in my new book cover, coming soon to Laurel-Rain Snow’s Creations…Yay!

    Enjoy your thoughts of spring.

  2. Love both windows!
    I remember you posting about Girls Night Out before and loved the idea. Too bad our town doesn’t have anything like that! I wish you much luck on a big win!

  3. If I ever quit teaching, I swear I am going to work at a library. It just looks like so much fun to play with books all day.

  4. I love the book display idea! I may just have to borrow it for my library 🙂

    Our Girls Night Out was on February 22nd. This is the first year that the library participated. We took the bookmobile and parked it downtown and one of my friends and I demonstrated how to make t-shirt scarves. It was fun though we both wished we could have been out shopping too. We were lucky because it was actually a warmer day and attendance was good. It would be nice if Girls Night Out was at a warmer time of year!

    1. LOL, Christina, you should have a Girls Night Out with Sheila! She combines summer AND winter seeing as she sees winter is the perfect time for a Pool Party! 😉 hehehe

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