Morning Meanderings… Imitation of Sleestak, The Books and Ask The Bloggers!


Sunday already!  I feel I have hardly accomplished a thing!  I laid pretty low this weekend after such a busy week – staying home and catching up on things around here has been perfect. 🙂

Does anyone remember the old tv show Land Of The Lost?  I used to watch it when I was a kid.  If you remember the show, you remember Sleestak, creepy slow-moving “Jason Voorhees like” creatures that had webbed hands and feet.  Every winter I have this weird thing I do in my house…. I wear socks with sandals (so embarrassing) and every time I think of the Sleestak.


The books!  Oh yeah!  The books!  Now remember, I did not post last Sunday as I was out-of-town – AND I have been at two author events in the past two weeks so some of these I purchased to feed my addiction. 😉


I bought The Vanishing, The Crane Wife, More Than This, Red Moon, The Lace Reader (because Wendy Webb recommended it as it inspired her) and 400 Meals.

If you take those out – the books that came in the house are much more manageable. 😀

2dAnd finally, (and this I am pretty excited about!), my friend Stacy who writes over at The Novel Life, started a weekly meme called Ask The Bloggers.  Her first one went up today and I was thrilled to be a part of it.  She started by asking us “If you go back to just before you started your blog, what advice would you give to your former self?”

Please pop over there today and check it out and give her some comment love!  After all, I think we all have thoughts on that question. 😀 I also believe you will recognize some of the other bloggers involved. *waves to Kathy!*

So there is my morning post.  I need to get ready for church and this afternoon I have some house keeping to do, gym work, and prep for a couple really fun things coming up tomorrow.  1.  Tomorrow I am part of an every other week Movie Night for women at our church where we will watch a movie and then discuss it.  Our first one will be The Bucket List.  2.Tomorrow (also as luck would have it) is our Friends Of The Library Annual Meeting where we will go over the roles of the board, give an update on Wine and Words 2014, and announce dates of what is coming up as well as reveal our new logo.


is never dull. 😀

23 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Imitation of Sleestak, The Books and Ask The Bloggers!

  1. Actually I have been wearing yoga sox in the house…they have grippies on the bottom and I love them…Red Moon…scared me to death when I read it…literally…loved everyone’s thoughts on The Novel Life…Juju and Kathy have a way of keeping things simple and real…

  2. I have not seen the original Land of the Lost in decades but that picture that you posted brought back memories! I think that there was a film remake a few years ago.

  3. The Lace Reader was really good. I read it back when it first came out. 🙂 I am also really curious about The Vanishing. It is on my wish list. Have a good Sunday!

    1. I have so many books to finish right now I feel a bit bogged down! I have 4 that I have partially read, my goal this weekend was to clean some of them up but… you know…. I find other things to do 😀

  4. Land of the Lost – oh what a fun blast from the past! I used to watch that too. You are too funny. Enjoy your new books. I see some on your stack that I want to read!

  5. I already know what one of my next questions will be ~ and it’s geared towards you! How in the world do you do it all?!? I’m in awe of you every time I read your Morning post and see all that you are accomplishing! You are a force to be reckoned with and I’m so thankful to call you a friend and mentor. Wow! Just simply WOW! You should write a book about successful blogging 🙂

    and Sheila thank you so much for the shout out AND for being a part of the kick off! I should have asked for a photo of the pink and blue sweater though 😉

    1. Thanks Stacy 🙂 My “do it all” attitude comes from choosing to embrace life. I have had a lot of loss in my life and know how precious time is. I want to say yes to things while I still want to and have the energy to 🙂

  6. I remember there being a really weird sound on that show when they were in the caves, the same sound I hear when I cup my hand over my ear. LOL.

  7. Woot! Look at that stack of books!
    The Ask The Bloggers is such a great feature and everyone has given great advice. I’m looking forward to participating in the next one 🙂

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