It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


Hey there!  Welcome to It’s Monday, What Are You Reading!

I love being a part of this and I hope you do too!  As part of this weekly meme I love to encourage you all to go and visit the others participating in this meme. Fair warning… this meme tends to add to your reading list!

Second day into February and I feel like I blinked and missed last week!  I had big plans for kicking off my half marathon training starting February 1, but instead, I have hardly left the house this weekend other than the grocery store and church.  On the bright side, just today I secured two of the four authors I am looking for to be a part of Wine and Words 2014 which feels good!  😀  I will announce them later this week, tomorrow evening I have our Annual Friends Of The Library board meeting and I need to announce to them first.

As far as what was posted… here is what I had:

The In-Between Hours by Barbara Claypole White

The Roses Underneath by C J Yetmen   (seriously amazing)

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline…. yes again.  Stop it.  Its amazing.  Read my review 😀

My dog sledding experience in Duluth Minnesota (with video of my ride!)

Runners World CookBook – it is not just for runners the food is healthy and tasty!

As for this week, I think I am going to stay low.  I have several books (yup..several) going that I have changes up, read a little of something else and now I need to finish them.  Yes, they are good… I am just kind of all over the board this past week.  However… I will be needing me some audio this week and for that I choose:


Masters of Doom is the amazing true story of the Lennon and McCartney of video games: John Carmack and John Romero. Together, they ruled big business. They transformed popular culture. And they provoked a national controversy. More than anything, they lived a unique and rollicking American Dream, escaping the broken homes of their youth to produce the most notoriously successful game franchises in history – Doom and Quake – until the games they made tore them apart. This is a story of friendship and betrayal, commerce and artistry – a powerful and compassionate account of what it’s like to be young, driven, and wildly creative.

My love for Wil Wheaton’s narration continues….




Recently, The New Yorker published chef Anthony Bourdain’s shocking, “Don’t Eat Before Reading This.” Bourdain spared no one’s appetite in this tell-all about what happens behind the kitchen door.

Now, the author uses the same “take-no-prisoners” attitude in his deliciously funny and shockingly delectable audiobook, sure to delight gourmands and philistines alike. From his first oyster in the Gironde, to his lowly position as a dishwasher in a honky-tonk fish restaurant in Provincetown, from the kitchen of the Rainbow Room atop Rockefeller Center, to drug dealers in the East Village, from Tokyo to Paris and back to New York again, Bourdain’s tales of the kitchen are as passionate as they are unpredictable.

Kitchen Confidential will make your mouth water while your belly aches with laughter. You’ll beg the chef for more, please.

I have listened to him before and he is quick wit, dry, and funny…

That’s it audio goals and a book clean up so hopefully by this time next week I can start fresh 😀  What are you reading this week?  What did you read last week?  Book lovers want to know!  Please add your link to your It’s Monday What Are You Reading where it says click here.


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For those of you that read mainly middle grade and children’s books, be sure to also link to the younger version of It’s Monday by using the link below!


44 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. I’m not much of a nonfiction reader but Kitchen Confidential sounds pretty interesting. Isn’t Wil Wheaton the guy who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek The Next Generation?

    Have a great week! If we get the snow we are supposed to get here I am sure I will be spending more time at home reading 🙂

  2. I hear ya, I have no idea where the last 2 weeks went to, I can’t seem to keep up things are moving so fast lol. I’m hoping by next week I’ll be starting on Ready Player One. Have a great week Sheila and happy catching up 🙂

  3. It has been so outrageously cold here that I can barely make myself go to work each morning! Hope you are staying warm!

  4. I feel that way about the whole past MONTH! How can it be February already? There are so many things I still haven’t done…I haven’t even signed up for 2014 reading challenges yet! I got one son back to school last week after knee surgery, and the other heading back to college next week, so maybe I can catch up then.

    So glad you loved Ready Player One! One of my favorites 🙂

    Enjoy your books this week –

    Book By Book

    Book by Book is now on Facebook!

  5. Looks like some great books to get back into your reading. I’m at a bit of a loss at the moment, but I’ll figure something out!

  6. OMG Masters of Doom sounds like some serious nerdy fun! I love Will Wheaton. 🙂

    Also, I hear you about being all over the place. Last week saw a dip in my reading pace, I ended up moving on from a few of the titles I was reading. But I shall keep going!

    Have a good week!

  7. I am listening to Winnie the Pooh; I can’t believe i missed this one, it is so very charming and delightful.
    I am reading the latest in Ranger’s Apprentice Series. It’s wonderful to have Will in the mentor seat.
    I have just begun Invasion by Jon Lewis

  8. You know I’m a book to film kind of reader, so right now I’m reading The Monuments Men hopefully finish it before I see the movie. I just finished the memoir 12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup, and it’s very moving and eloquently written. More engrossing even than the movie which I gave 4/4 Ripples. The book I rated it 5 stars on Goodreads. 😉 Either way you look at them, tops.

  9. So glad I saw your post!!! I am a HUGE FAN of the Ready Player One audiobook; Wil Wheaton is a narrating god! Now, I’ve got an Audible credit with Masters of Doom’s name on it! And anyone who doesn’t understand Ready Player One must be experienced again and again is insane.

  10. I’m not a big fan of audiobooks, but both of those look so good. Both as books, but as vocal performances too. (I have a weak spot for cooking shows; I’m loving Bourdain on The Taste.)

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