Morning Meanderings… My Blind Date and a winner!


Good morning! I feel rather wiped out today.  It was a busy day yesterday and perhaps the emotional pull this introvert has while engaging with two fairly large groups all afternoon and evening is taking its energy pull. 

Zapped is a good way to describe me right now. 😀


the date.

A couple of weeks ago you the awesome readers of Book Journey helped me with “singles ads” for the Blind Date event we were planning.  The ideas flew in and it was so much fun to read them and laugh at how witty you all are!  😀

Yesterday we kicked off the Blind Date event at the library.  52 books were put under pretty wraps and given a little singles ad blurb to possibly entice a reader to choose them. 

They are so pretty!

I was in the library during the later afternoon assisting in planning for our Annual Meeting for the Friends group so I was able to witness the activity around the display.  I enjoyed going and talking with people who were looking over the books explaining that they checked out a book that appealed to them, read it, fill out the “Rate Your Date” card that is tucked inside and return both.  While I was watching about 8 f these books checked out. 

I checked out one as well.  Although I helped with the cards that went on the book packaging I could not recall but a few of what book they were… I chose one instead that I felt fit me…



Last night, after coming home and feeling wiped out, I left “my date” in the car overnight.  😛  This morning I allowed him/her into the house and opened up the packaging…


Here is my date!  I have read Lisa Scottoline before, but not this one.  The singles add promising me kooky and uplifting “chick wit” and a glass of wine sold me.  We shall see how our date goes….

stay tuned.

When I wrote that original Blind Date post and asked you all to help me with the singles adds for books I also offered up a gift card to one awesome participant.  That winner of the $10 Amazon Gift Card is bookebelle0819 – #80 in the comments using  Congrats!  I will send that out by email!

Tonight, many of the Bookies Book Club will meet up for appetizers and then off to see the movie Labor Day as a group from our win of books and tickets.  We are excited!  I love the little extras we are able to do together 😀

36 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… My Blind Date and a winner!

  1. My library did something similar and I thought it looked awesome! I’m not brave enough myself to participate. My books have a very long screening process before I read them, haha.

  2. I hope you enjoy your Blind Date 🙂

    Have fun at the movie! Can’t wait to hear what you thought of it. I haven’t read the book yet but hope one of my book groups will pick it someday.

  3. I just saw Gigi Ann’s post about her visit to her library’s “Blind Date” event. Sounds like an awesome idea and I want to see if my library will do that. I haven’t read a Scottoline book, but it looks like a fun read. I hope you enjoy it!

  4. Hello. Was wondering if I could steal this idea of blind date with books. I manage a library in Suffolk and this would be a fantastic idea especially with valentines day fast approaching

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