Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich


32 year old Holly Brennan was never what you would call a small girl.  When her husband at a young age suddenly became ill, Holly comforted herself with food.  When he passed away, the food addiction did not go away.

Then Holly meets Logan Montgomery on a plane.  Logan is fit, self-assured, confident, and good-looking.  Everything Holly feels she is not.  When Logan shares with Holly that he is a personal trainer and would like to work with her at a discounted rate to get her moving in the right direction, Holly figures why not, after all… she is not moving in any direction currently.

Turns out, Holly has some natural-born skills when it comes to working out.  She is hard-working, determined, has great strength and is flexible.  Before long Holly is shaping up and more than one guy is noticing, including Logan.  But is it really in the cards for Holly and Logan to be together?

Big Girl Panties for me, was a fun read with a great protagonist.  I really enjoyed Holly, who is funny, quick-witted, and doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to her weight issues.  She was an easy girl to cheer on as she reaches her goals.  I even enjoyed Logan who is not perfect by far, and has a few strange habits but deep inside, despite this, I liked him.

Big Girl Panties was one of those books that I picked up planning to read a few pages and then just kept reading to the point I carried it around the house with me while I made dinner, let the dogs out, and propped it up on the bathroom sink while I styled my hair.  It was quick and it was fun.

One word of advice, Big Girl Panties is a book that can easily be taken offense too.  It deals with weight issues and eating disorders and not always kindly.  There is talk of using liposuction to improve Holly’s body.  There is also some odd interactions regarding sexual activities that mainly comes from the direction of Logan’s friend Chase, but in some cases, Logan too.

Over all, I liked the book.  It’s not perfect, but I would probably be bored if it was.  I do not have to like all the characters in a book – and in this book I didn’t.  Holly is what keeps this book moving forward.  She was someone I wanted to root for, I wanted things to go well for her and you will too. 🙂

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