Captain Phillips – Movie Review


In 2009, Captain Richard Phillips, while taking his crew into international waters is hijacked by a small group of Somali Pirates who board the massive ship.  This is the first American ship to be hijacked in over 200 years.


Holy smokes.  I went into watching this movie having no knowledge of the ship or of Captain Phillips.  Sometimes I amaze myself how little I know.  😯

The movie is powerful.  It is fast moving and anxiety creating.  I was on the edge of the couch while watching as the Somali pirates led by their leader, Muse, took over this massive ship.  I could not even believe that these 4 pirates in a small motor boat were able to overtake such a massive ship – but they did.  I was amazed that the crew was unarmed. And it is a true story.

If you are looking to watch something AMAZING this weekend I highly recommend renting Captain Phillips.  I will most definitely be watching this one again.  There is also a book (YAY!) called Captain’s Duty.


14 Comments on “Captain Phillips – Movie Review

  1. This is based on a true story but the crew claims Phillips wasn’t the hero the movie portrays him to be. I enjoyed what I saw of the movie, though – I had to leave early because the shaky camera work made me sick.

  2. I didn’t realize that this was already out on DVD – That may be just the ticket for this COLD night in Texas! (It’s 19 right now at 10:30 a.m. and I’m sure that sounds like a heat wave to you right now, but this thinblooded Texas gal is cold!!) 😛

  3. I don’t usually watch dramas (I know crazy right?) but I really think I need to make an exception for this one.

  4. I have been wanting to see this. I remember when this happened and it seemed like such an interesting story. The previews also make the move look very good. Tom Hanks seems perfectly cast for this one.

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