Morning Meanderings.. Adventure Weekend!!!


Good morning.


Just had to get that out of my system.  😉

I am taking something off the bucket list this weekend.  😀



I am leaving this morning for the cabin up North and later today my friends Farrah, Belinda and Sheila will join me.  It is Sheila’s birthday this weekend and we are celebrating!  😀 

On Saturday morning we will go into Duluth and meet up with Sheila’s sister where we will go DOG SLEDDING!!!!!  *bucket list item…. check!*  Then lunch and then off to Spirit Mountain for snow tubing.  😀  After that we will head back to the cabin for board games. 

OOOHHHHH!  My kind of fun!!!! 😀

I think today I will be hours ahead of everyone so I will have some reading time a bit and prepping the house for the company. 😀 

I am back early Sunday to switch gears as then I have a work retreat from Sunday evening to Tuesday noon…. I will be in touch as I can. 😀


20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings.. Adventure Weekend!!!

  1. Cool. If I lived near you, I would bake you pies and insist you take me when you do all these AMAZING things! I would also have to be a member of your book club.

  2. Dog sledding!!!!!!!!!! OMG I am SO jealous. Please please tell us all about it and post a 100 pics. Have fun!! 🙂

  3. That’s so great! I want to go dog sledding. It’s silly I never have seeing as how I live in Canada and supposedly that is our main form of transportation. 🙂

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