Morning Meanderings…. We Are Off To See The Author!


Good morning!  WOOT!  2 cups of COFFEE in and I am a pretty happy girl!  Last night I hung out with friends and learned how to play two collaborative games!  Collaborative games are games that the players work together against the board.  Forbidden Island was one of them.  You play against the board to seek out treasures and work as a team to get the treasures and get to the helicopter before the island sinks…  good dorky fun!  😀  Gamers, I think you would enjoy this.


And today, besides my review going up for Stephanie Evanovich’s Big Girl Panties, that releases today in paperback (*WOOT to Stephanie!*), it is also the release day for Wendy Web’s the Vanishing!  Wendy is a Minnesota author and one of our Wine and Words authors from last year.  Myself and three other girls from the Bookies are driving to the cities tonight for her talk at Mager’s and Quinn bookstore tonight.  We are excited to cheer her on. 


That’s my day – working this morning… playing tonight.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have some pics and recap of the event for my morning readers.  😀

Have a super start to your day!

10 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…. We Are Off To See The Author!

  1. Fun. I’ve never played anything like this I don’t think. Sounds cool.

  2. Exciting night for you! Those collaborative games look like fun. I’ll have to check out Forbidden Island!

  3. Stay warm…my husband is in Minnesota right this minute driving…he says that where he is it is minus 20 that even possible? I love Wendy Webb! Enjoy!

  4. It sounds like you have a really fun job. Stay warm as you travel. That polar vortex has returned.

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