The Wrong Girl by Hank Philippi Ryan


What if you were adopted and after years of hoping and searching you have a chance to be reunited with your birth mother?  And what if this joyful moment is dimmed by a strong feeling that this is not your mother at all… that the agency has made a mistake.  It is a mistake… right?

When Investigative Reporter Jane Rand is asked to check into her former co-worker, Tucker’s concerns about her supposed birth mother… things get interesting. 



The Wong Girl is a sequel to The Other Women; this I did not know going into this read but it did not seem necessary to have the pre-knowledge of the first read.  I enjoyed Jane’s strong lead woman role, as well as her partner, Jack.  I liked the idea of the story line centered around an adoption agency.

My only reason for not gushing on this one is that on audio it felt drug out and I admit I became tired waiting for the story to move forward.  While well written, and kudos to Ilyana Kudushin’s narration (she also narrated the Twilight audio series), I just became tired.  11 CDS.


5 thoughts on “The Wrong Girl by Hank Philippi Ryan

    1. Me either Kathy! I dont under the dragging our of a story for the sake of dragging it out 😉 This one would have been better at a 7 or 8 CD size. There was a lot of dialogue that was just unnecessarily.

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