Weekend Cooking – Hibachi Time!


This past week for book club I was in charge of one of the main dishes for our group.  We love to theme the food to the book.  In Reconstructing Amelia, there is a part in the book where her mother was going to take Amelia out to her favorite Hibachi restaurant.  This was a chance for Amelia to share with her mom what was going on in her life, but then the doorbell rang and the neighbor was reminding Amelia that she had agreed to babysit that night.  This would have been the last meal that Amelia and her mom shared together.  (Want to know more?  Read the book!  😉 )

SO Hibachi.  My first attempt but it wasn’t that difficult and it sure was delicious!

Here is my modified recipe that I made for book club and now share here for  Beth Fish Read’s, Weekend Cooking:


Chicken Hibachi

4-6 skinless chicken breasts

1 large onion sliced

3 -4 Zucchini Squash

2 yellow squash

3 cups mushrooms (I bought the pre sliced from the produce area of the grocery store)

2 cans drained bean sprouts ( or 3 cups fresh)

2 colored peppers (I used red and yellow – these are optional)

soy sauce


salt and pepper

lemon juice

sesame seeds

olive oil

Slice chicken into bite size pieces and set aside. 

Take the mushrooms and slice into bite size pieces and set aside. 

Slice the onion, squash, and peppers into strips of bite size pieces, keep separate from the mushrooms.

Place a tablespoon of olive oil in two separate large fry pans.  Over medium high heat heat the oil in both pans.  In one pan place the chicken, in the other pan place the vegie mix of onion, squash and peppers.  Place 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of butter over the chicken.  Add salt and pepper. Place two tablespoons of soy sauce and a tablespoon of butter over the vegies.  Saute the vegie pan while occasionally stirring the cooking chicken pan.

When chicken is done (about 8-10 minutes), vegies should be done as well.  Take the vegies off the hot burner and set aside.  Take the chicken and slide it to one side of the pan sprinkling it with a little lemon juice and then sprinkle on sesame seeds over the chicken.  In the other half of the pan place a tablespoon of butter and as it melts stir in the mushrooms.  Put a little soy sauce over the mushrooms.  When mushrooms are cooked, mix it with the chicken and add the rest of the vegies from the other pan.  gently toss the mixture over medium heat for a couple of minutes. 

Place chicken vegie mix into a large serving pan. 

In the pan you just used for the chicken and vegie mix, place a tsp of olive oil and toss in the bean sprouts until they are hot.  place the bean sprouts on top of the chicken mix in the serving pan. 

Serve hot with the Hibachi Sauce.


Hibachi Sauce

15 oz jar of mayo

1 Tbls sugar

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp Katsup

3/4 tsp Tabasco sauce

1 1/2 tsp ground mustard

1 1/2 tsp Paprika

1 tsp ground pepper

1/8 cup water

Place the mayo into a bowl.  Stir in all the other ingredients.  Pour into a resealable container.  I used a canning jar as this makes quite a bit of sauce.  Chill until time to serve. 

Thank you to the book Reconstructing Amelia which caused me to look up how to make Hibachi style food.  It is an easy recipe to change to the vegies you prefer as well as adjusting quantities to serve larger groups.  It was fun to try and my book club enjoyed it, as did my hubby the next night.  Delicious with the sauce.

22 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking – Hibachi Time!

  1. Oooo… anything that has winter squash in it is on my radar right now! This looks great – I’ve never made Hibachi anything, but I may need to try!

  2. Am I missing something?…I thought hibachi cooking was this old cast iron grill that was about the size of a portable computer (for lack of anything else to compare it with) way back from the 70’s. In fact it was one of the first bbq’ish things I owned living on my own. I remember briquettes being involved. And the thing had to be put on the cement floor of the tiny apartment patio. It had these little wooden legs and a grill that attached onto the base from the back. This recipe doesn’t remind me of a hibachi. I quess I need to get out more or something.

    1. Hee hee… when I Googled it for book club, it was all recipes like this – a Japanese stir fry almost (made me think of my mom’s WOK that I think I still own somewhere around here : ) ) I have been a couple Hibachi restaurants in my life and it was where they had this long grill and they cooked the vegies and meat in front of you… same result that I came up with but on a much bigger scale. 🙂
      I am curious now what you are describing – maybe that is the way they used to do it.

  3. I’m agreeing with Kathy here. I always thought Hibachi was the name for a Japanese portable grill, always used for cooking outdoors. Your recipe sounds more like a stir fry. When you go to a Japanese steak house, they cook meat and veggies on a large flat griddle — maybe your recipe is supposed to replicate that experience? 🙂

    1. I think Jama – you are correct when you say the later – as we go a restaurant in the cities called Benihana it describes its food as Japanese Hibachi style ans they do cook it in front of you on that massive grill.:D

  4. Yum. I’ve always enjoyed yellow squash when dining out, but I’ve never actually cooked it before. Will grab some the next time I see them in a supermarket!

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