Someone Elses Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson


Shandi Pearson has enough on her plate with college, divorced parents, and her three year old son Nathan.  Nathan (Natty) is her everything and considering the way he came about, she really is not looking for a man in her life.. too much… everything.

But as well all know, life never turns out quite the way we plan and suddenly Shandi is finding herself and Natty in a gas station stick up.  As if that wasn’t enough to call it a day – there’s the guy who stepped between Natty and the gunman that for some reason, Shandi can not get out of her mind.  But the man who Shandi can not stop thinking about comes with his own set of  issues opportunities and they certainly do not involve a relationship.

Of course, as I said, life never turns out quite the way we plan…



If you have not read Joshilyn Jackson you need to stop everything and pick up any of her books.  Yes any of them.  They are southern fun on a stick and so witty good you will be sorry you waited so long to read her.  I have listened to everything Joshilyn has written on audio, except this one.  This one I read.  It was just as delightful as her others.  Shandi makes a typical southern protagonist as Joshilyn likes to use in her books, funny and silly but whip smart when it gets right down to taking care of those she cares about.

Seriously treat yourself to Someone Else’s Love Story… you need to get on this level.

34 thoughts on “Someone Elses Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson

  1. I loved this one, too, as well as everything else I’ve read by this author. She is a relatively new discovery for me, having first read The Girl Who Stopped Swimming…and then continued from there, immersing myself in several others.

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