Morning Meanderings…. Twas The Sunday Before Christmas…


Sunday is here.  How ya’ all doing? 

Time:  8:15 am (funny that is exactly the same time I wrote this last week)

Place:  The recliner again… its cozy.

Eating/Drinking:  Just hazelnut coffee so far this morning

Reading:  Pffff.  Books?  Haven’t really had time to pick up a book this week.

Listening to:  Out of the three I had going last week, I am still listening to Parkland but will finish that one soon.  I just finished up Me Before You yesterday and now need to download another audio today from audible…. suggestions?

Blogging – staying steady. I am catching up on the reviews I had not written, and have been consistent on the Morning Meanderings

Happenings…. I listed about ten items on a couple local Facebook “garage sale” type sites and caused a bit of a feeding frenzy over a couple of them last night…. now I have a bit of anxiety as I need to connect with people now to either have the items picked up or meet up with them somewhere to complete the transaction.  A couple of them have questions on items that I need to answer this morning yet.

Anticipating:  Christmas.  I am really looking forward to the boys being here and just hanging out with them.

Hating:  I feel behind and I don’t like that.  Today I need to finish up shopping for Christmas (food included) because the next two days I am working pretty much 12 hour shifts to have the rest of the week off from Wednesday on (also causing me anxiety)

Loving:  That I did make a dent yesterday – gifts are wrapped, tree is up.  I am making progress. 🙂


Ok as I wrap up here after about 15 minutes of distractedness  between and Facebook I  (its easy to get sucked into the time suck that is Facebook!)have downloaded Tell The Wolves I Am Home which I am pretty excited about.  Let the Listening begin!

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Twas The Sunday Before Christmas…

  1. shannonjoe

    Well, I’ve read enough this past week for you. 4 Jodi Picoult books and working on a 5th one! 🙂 And just started a reading plan yesterday to read the bible in a year. We will see how that works out, but I’m already ahead right now on day 2.

    Of course, there’s laundry to do, dishes to wash, and millions of other things!


  2. shannonjoe

    I’ve never tried to read the bible through-to be honest I read it sporadically at best. Yes, horrible me. 🙂 But I’m gonna try. I tend to get REAL ambitious during school breaks, and then like you said-real life gets in the way! LOL!


  3. I love hazelnut coffee – it’s my usual morning drink 🙂
    I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping – yay! I keep buying stuff for myself – ha. Hope you found more time to catch up on your reading this weekend!

  4. Beth F

    Wrapping!! We have a few more to go. Argh. But shopping is done and we’re looking forward to spending time with friends on Christmas Day — our decades-old tradition.

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