Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (one of BEST of 2013)


Louisa Clark has spent her life comfortably living at her home (even though she is in her later 20’s).  She has a steady long term job that keeps her happy and a boyfriend of 7 years that is just as comfortable to her as the rest of her small life.  When her job suddenly disappears when it is unexpectedly closed, Louisa applies for a well paid position that is completely out of her skill set – a temporary job of assisting a 35 year old man who is a quadriplegic, wheelchair bound and needs assistance and someone to watch over him while his mother and father are at work.  Surprisingly, Louisa is offered the job.

Will Trainer used to be the guy who had everything.  The looks, money, body, and ability to go anywhere and do anything.  He loved to ski, and travel and explore the world and all that was taken away in the blink of an eye.  An accident that left him unable to move his body on his own, except for his mouth to speak, and eyes. 

Louisa quickly learns she will be earning her pay.  Will is very angry with the loss of his previous life.  He hates that he can do nothing for himself and hates that people make decisions for him instead of asking him his opinion.  Yet Louisa is no pushover and Will learns to respect her as they spend day after day together.  When Louisa overhears that Will has made a decision that is shocking and unthinkable, Louisa decides that her time with him must be used to do everything she can to change his mind before it it too late.


I just finished listening to Me Before You moments before I started writing this review.  I wanted to get my thoughts down right away.  Why why why did I wait to read or listen to this amazing book?  I am overcome right now with emotions that are exhilarating and heart breaking and well… I am all over the board.

Louisa makes for a great protagonist in contrast to Will.  She has lived life quite the opposite of Will, having enjoyed the regularity of her day to day.  Will on the other hand, has been everywhere and done everything.. it is amazing to see how a man confined now to a smaller life, can broaden the horizons of a girl who could go and do things, but chooses not to.


Really – Me Before You is about choices.  The choices we make and how they affect not only us but those around us.  Honestly I want to go on and on about this book, gushing out why you must read it, why you should request a copy now, and holy smokes seriously GET ON THIS LEVEL of book satisfaction with me and together we shall embrace the world with our new found wisdom….

If I was a “book rating” kind of gal I would give this 5 shiny stars and a snap. 

I must bring out the spoiler page so those of you who have read this book can talk about it because I do want to talk about it.  Please push that button below if you are in the “have read” on this one.  Let’s do this.


31 thoughts on “Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (one of BEST of 2013)

  1. I plan to read this next year. It sounds great from your review. I really love novels that talk about going on with life, choices, unexpected twists and turns. Love your review.

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