The Twelve by Justin Cronin


Continuing on from The Passage, the virus continues to spread and endanger all those in its path. Lila is a pregnant doctor who hopes the best for her child, Kitteridge has been forced out of his comfort zone and is now on the run… alone.  April is running with her little brother trying to show him a calm that does not exist beyond her face.  As they run – they towards each other and with connection comes hope.

In the future – Amy alongside the others fight in hopes of saving mankind.  The virals are stronger somehow… they have evolved to even more of a force to reckon with and for the Twelve, the future and the past – is at hand.



Flyers.  The Passage was a book that blew me away – unique in context (man I had a lot of fun writing that review), I hung on it line after line.  Once completed it left me at such a place I wondered what would happen next.  When The Twelve arrived I was thrilled to reenter this world of Amy and Virals and trying to make a new world that had passed away…

Flyers.  Did I say that already?  The Twelve is like The Passage on steroids.  It is bigger. Stronger.  More powerful. More political.   And in that sense, I think I liked it a little less than The Passage, mainly because The Passage was a crisper read – more of an earth gone wrong feel to it, where The Twelve is way deep into a world that is no more.   I hope that makes sense.

Still- this series is one I would recommend.  In fact if you are looking for good books to hunker down with and go deep this winter, let me recommend these.  Word is that The Passage will be a movie, possibly in 2015.  I sure hope so. 

26 thoughts on “The Twelve by Justin Cronin

  1. I think you captured the amped up nature of The Twelve very well. Personally, I think both are a little too long yet I read on because I want to see how it works out. I’m waiting for the third and hoping most of my lingering questions will be answered. As a writer, though, it amazes me how many threads Cronin weaves and that he is keeping track of them all.

    1. Oh yes the length….LOL – I actually read this months ago and just had not reviewed it. I forgot about the length and time it gets through each thing…. Yes Cronin must have himself a spreadsheet of what doors he opened and walked away from so he can go back and tie all that up. Very J K Rowling’esk. 😀

  2. I actually really liked this one and found it to be a tighter, more accessible book than The Passage. I’m looking forward to seeing how he wraps things up in Book 3!

    1. I’m feeling this way about Allegiant, especially because I already know there won’t be a happy ending. 😦 Still, good writing deserves the effort!

      1. Lol, I’m going to keep that in mind. If I like it, gush! No over reaching for balancing bits, it will make my life so much easier. Thanks honey, that’s weirdly genius! Xx

  3. I read The Twelve this summer and enjoyed it – like you, I liked The Passage a bit better. I found The Twelve confusing and disjointed at times – I kept having to page back to figure out who was who and what was happening. But I am looking forward to the third book. And, wow, wouldn’t The Passage make an amazing movie?

    BTW, where is What Are You Reading Monday? I came by to add my link, but there’s no post today.

    Enjoy the holidays and your books!


    Book By Book

  4. I still have The Passage at home, half read. I think I put it down long back, not out of boredom, more like a reading rut. I need to get back to it soon, though I may wait for the third book to come out before I do that.

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