Morning Meanderings… Sprint Apocalypse and Giving Back


Happy Saturday!  So many little things to do but this morning… I am chilling with my Coffee Cup, listening to Me Before You and trying not to think too hard about all I need to do this weekend. 🙂

Yesterday our local Sprint Towers were down (they still may be – I have not tried my phone yet today).  You wouldn’t think not having a cell phone for a day would be a big deal… good grief, I grew up in the 80’s and we were thrown to the streets as teenagers… with no means of communication!  *Gasp!*  How did we survive???? But yesterday was a hot mess without the use of my phone and here is what happened:

  1. We have no house phone
  2. I had to get a hold of my husband and my calls and texts wouldn’t go through (I eventually drove to where he was at)
  3. There was a brunch at my house with friends and when they called me I could not be heard by them on the phone
  4. I was supposed to meet a friend up town and we were going to connect (by phone!) when we could meet and that did not happen
  5. Another friend and I had a coffee date, when she called to cancel – I never got the message
  6. I was expecting some important papers in the mail this week and when they fad not arrived by yesterday I could not call the company to inquire.

A day without my phone as active as this time of year was annoying.  I had to drive into Sprint to find out what was going on.. they said, “we have had a lot of calls today” and I responded, “If only I could have called you…”

It really was like the Apocalypse. 


For Saturday Snapshot I thought I would bring up some pics from this fall when we had a food drive for our local food shelf.  It seems like an appropriate time of year to do a little post on giving. 🙂





They weighed the food and I can not remember the exact total but I believe it was over 1500 pound of food we donated that day to the Food Shelf to give out to those in need. We did this as a Church, but really any group (or family) could do this.  I think I am going to bring this up to my book club, maybe next year we could pick a month where we each fill a bag to be donated.  I love it when as a group we go beyond the books.

So that is my Saturday Snapshot today – hope your day is wonderfully stress free…. I have to ask… are you done Christmas shopping?

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Sprint Apocalypse and Giving Back

  1. We had trouble with our towers a while back, too, and it was terrible. Sometimes you need to be able to get in touch with people.. I can go without my phone for long stretches of time, but when you need it… You need it! Great pictures of ‘giving back’. 🙂 Have a good Saturday!

    1. I just tried to text my husband and apparently they are still down. GAH. I am hoping to drop a package at a friends house today and wanted to call to be sure she was home – but so far I am unable to call. 😦

  2. Back before cell phones, there were pay phones on almost every corner, so we didn’t feel that cut off…but nowadays, we’re without pay phones. And we have come to depend on the cell phones. Hope you are back in the land of communication soon.

    Great gift-giving project!

  3. Patty

    I am totally finished with Christmas shopping…except to buy presents for my kitties. We will do that on Tuesday when we get groceries…there is a neat pet store next door to Whole Foods! Then…done…books, movies, rest!

  4. I had Spring a few years ago and even when the towers were working fine I still would have so many places that I’d have no signal or dropped calls. I’ve had Verizon since and haven’t had any trouble with them.

    What a great success your food drive was!!

    1. I have been a Sprint customer for three years and haven’t had any problems other than the fact that there is no coverage at our cabin and Verizon users do, but that is perhaps a blessing in disguise.. it is the cabin after all 🙂

  5. What a hassle to be without technology … amazing how quickly we become dependent on all our gadgets!As for you photos … what an awesome mission project for your church (or book group!) Go for it, girl! The need doesn’t go away afetr Christmas! Maybe your book group can do a ‘dead of winter’ food drive … Merry Christmas!

    1. Its actually scary how annoyed I was that I could not communicate with the outside world. A friend of mine who is also on Sprint that I seen last night was like, “Oh there’s towers down? I guess I haven’t checked my hone all day.” Eep. How do I get there?

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