When I Practive To Deceive by Ann Rule


Whidbey Island.  Known for its beauty and artistic communities, those who live there know each other well.  Yet when Russel Douglas was found the day after Christmas in a well covered driveway, sitting in his SUV with a single bullet between his eyes, the community is shocked.

Immediately labeled as suicide, it was quickly changed to homicide when no gun was found anywhere in or near the SUV.  The police then had their work cut out for them as many fell under they eye of suspicion.

Brenna, Russel’s soon-to-be ex-wife. Brenna had many reasons to be angry with Russel from his physical and emotional abuse she had finally felt that enough was enough.  Peggy Sue Thomas was a good friend of Brenna’s and knew from Brenna’s complaining all about Russel’s short falling.  Would either of these women turn to murder? 



There was a time, I would start each year of reading with an Ann Rule book.  Yes, a true crime book.  In the past, I have found her research and writing to be captivating… some of her books, like The Stranger Beside Me (the true story of her friendship with Ted Bundy before anyone knew the type of guy he was) is worth the read. 

While I do not read Ann Rule as often as I once did, I still find her to be a respectable author and when I was offered this audio, When I Practice To Deceive, for review, I was curious what her writing would be like on audio. 

I can’t quite put my finger on what it was, but the book never quite connected for me.  It filled a bit too full of facts and not enough of Ann Rule’s usual engaging back story.  It felt scattered.  At first I thought that this may be due to the audio,perhaps a book so full of facts needs to be read so you can go back and check it… but as the story went on… while that may be part of it, I don’t think that was all of it.

Unfortunately, I never connected with this book.  Even at the end I still felt as though I knew very little about what truly happened.  This is just my take, I may have missed something.  In my opinion, Ann Rule has much better books.  If you ever decide to read her, I would be happy to share with you a few titles, but this will not be among them.


12 thoughts on “When I Practive To Deceive by Ann Rule

  1. That is so funny…I used to love her books, too but I haven’t read them in ages…I wonder if after a while an author sort of loses that magic they used to have that made us want to read them…hmmm…

    My fave book of hers was the one about that California mother that tried to kill all of her kids…I think there was a movie made about it!

    1. As the readers we are Patty, I think some of the authors books we loved do dilute a little as we find more authors and our appreciation for genres changes and grows. I remember she had one where the ladies name was Sheila (Blackwell maybe?) I think it was the first I read by Ann Rule and her ex husband was of the type “if I cant have you no one will”…. it sticks with me because she knew he would eventually kill her – to the point that she had contacted Ann Rule herself and told her that eventually he would kill her.

  2. I used to read all of Ann Rule’s books, too. But I don’t find they are so interesting anymore. I don’t think this is because her writing has changed, though. I think my taste has just evolved.

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