Morning Meanderings… Holiday “Bookin It!”


Good morning!  Happy Saturday!  It is for me as the commitments today are low (WOO HOO!!!)

Yesterday I spent a little time on projects that I have put off for a while.  One was cleaning out the freezer (always a delightful task) and the other was putting a little love into the book room.  Let’s just say that the books that I bought mid August from the library sale were still in the room in the box I brought them home in.

With a little help from my audio friends, Eleanor and Park I went to work.  Here are the pictures that I am putting up for Saturday Snapshot this week of the results of that project:

This is as you walk into the room. Note – the table is a new addition. This is the table from the demolition Al did last month. It is a gorgeous piece that I plan on refinishing in the spring.

Here is a close up of the table. Oh and my rug… I love my rug too 🙂

And this is the room from the other end facing back towards the door (which you can see open on the right).

The room, that used to be two bedrooms when I grew up here, and then was Al’s office until we built on to the shop, became a book room about 7 years ago.  It used to be an assortment of book shelves but last fall we had a friend of ours put wall to wall shelves in the room and wala!  Here we are.

Next Friday I am having friends over for a Christmas brunch and I think we will sit in    there!  😀

For today, this morning I am off to the gym with my friend Kate who makes me go when “I don’t want to!” but it is a good thing. 😀  This afternoon my project is to get started on making caramels for our office staff.  Our Christmas party is Wednesday and I think this will be a fun gift… I will post pictures!  😀

Have a great Saturday!  Oh and check out Saturday Snapshot!

78 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Holiday “Bookin It!”

  1. I love your book room! I’m working on persuading my husband to build one in our basement. However, most of my books are in electronic or audio format so it won’t be quite as effective, sadly.

    1. I love the look and feel of real books… I am not sure I could ever cross over completely… besides, I have given some thought to this and in a Zombie Apocalypse there will probably be no electricity and my books will still work. 😛

  2. I love the table, too! It’s an amazing find…and probably has an amazing history. I love stay at home Saturdays…love them…we are finally decorating the tree when I can tear myself away from The Burning Sky…and popping out to dinner tonight…date night!

    1. I used to have books everywhere. I know when we were first married there are books that I do not know what happened to… boxes of them… now if I could just find a way to scan them or record what I have.

  3. The shelves look really good! I want to put in built in shelves. Lorrie told me if I buy the supplies he will do it for me next year. We will see if it works out! I am so sick of the cheap bookcases where the shelves bend.

  4. Your room looks fantastic. Love the table – a great addition. It doesn’t look like it needs to be refinished. 🙂 Rug is very pretty.

    What a great room to work and to read in.

    Have fun on Friday at your Christmas brunch.

    You may have seen this post I am linking to, but I am using it instead of a snapshot.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  5. I have built-in shelves in my study. When my husband finished them, he said I would never fill them up. Ho, ho, ho! Speaking of, I hope Santa was watching when you did the freezer. You were very good, don’t you think? Love the table.

  6. OK, I literally felt like I was in a Room of Requirement! This room is AMAZING! The table is PERFECT! The chairs, the shelves—EVERYTHING! Don’t be surprised if you don’t walk into the room one day and I’m curled up in one of those chairs or working on that table! See, THIS is the kind of motivation for me to finally learn how to apparate! 😉

      1. If I lived close enough—I would! lol Hence—apparation! 😀 See, my room of requirement would be nice-size library with a picturesque window view, a u-shaped desk area—fully equipped for writing, and a couple of cozy reading spots, a game table, and then some of the secondary necessities like food, water, a TV 😉

  7. The book room looks so inviting and you found the perfect spot for that table. I would love to have a library room but I have to settle for shelves in my office. I have no trouble finding a freezer to clean out around here – never high on my to-do list though.

      1. I’m laughing because I need outside motivation too. I just cleaned it because I couldn’t get the four frozen pizzas I bought onto the back shelf without emptying half of it out. At that point it was easier to just clean it and be done with it! Lots of room now. 🙂

              1. So true! I can’t imagine it ever will for me, and I spent a few months truly immersed in it all, back with Half-Blood Prince was released. I had SUCH a blast 😀 I don’t do it as often—almost never, but whenever I’m around a fellow HP fan, it naturally comes out in certain situations 😀 I used to know it all—SO many little details—now I have to strain my brain for some of the simplest things *sigh*

  8. That table was a wonderful addition to your book room, Sheila. It adds a certain character 🙂 Makes me wish I had a room to devote to my book passion!

  9. So many books. A reader’s dream. What do you need such a large table for? It’s gorgeous but large. I would probably put a couch in there (to nap) and a cushy chair for when I am awake and reading. LOL. I foolishly gave my loft to the kids. What a mistake that was.

    1. It is a little big- but its more that I feel like we “rescued” the table from destruction. Long story but I didn’t like it sitting out in the garage. I may some day move it downstairs but for now, since I am going to be working on it, the Reading Room it is. 😀

  10. I am loving that table more and more 🙂

    So jealous of the book room, when i move out and get my own place the only requirement is a separate room just fr my reading area.

    Books Buying Beauty

      1. Oh, Sheila, you said it *sigh* In fact, just today I spent a bit of time at Barnes (oh, what a shocker!) and found a book called THE LIBRARY: A World History

        It’s amazing! I got chills looking at these amazing buildings/rooms FILLED with books and most are so beautiful. The ambiance *sigh* I REALLY wanted it, but it’s expensive ($75). I decided to buy it for my bibliophile father for his birthday (in Jan.) since I got 30% off 😀 😀 😀 Yay!

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