Morning Meandering… Sunday Update with Book Suggestions


Happy Sunday!  I have about 45 minutes before I get ready for church but enjoy doing this Sunday post so here we go. 😀

Time:  8:15 am

Place:  That recliner I love so much in the living room

Eating/Drinking:  a mocha coffee in the Tossimo coffee pot.  No food yet…

Reading:  Starting Platform 21 by T R Patrick

Listening to:  Array of awesomeness…. Red Hill by Jamie McGuire (you will see why below) and Parkland by Vincent Bugliosi (listening to this one in the car and it is powerful!)

Blogging:  Like a mad woman.  I suddenly realized that due to my “hiatus” earlier this year I may not finish my reading goal of 100 books this year.  I have many books I have read but nor reviewed yet… I know it is not a big deal… just the competitor in me. 😛

Anticipating:  Coming home this afternoon, I am making homemade caramels and want to document it for my :Weekend Cooking” post yes, with recipe 😀

Hating:  That the weekend is almost over.  I could use another day or two… it has been awesome. 

Loving:  That both boys will be home for Christmas this year and unlike Thanksgiving, we will not have to run around but instead just hang out here surrounded by good food, movies and board games.  😀


In other news, I found a few interesting reads while I was blog reading this week.  Normally I post these earlier in the week but every day I had something to chat about and did not do it… so here it is now:

Carrie over at Books and Movies posted this review of Red Hill and I was instantly engaged… so much so, it is what I am listening to now.

Girl XOXO had a new title to me, Snow White Must Die.  It sounds interesting.

Book’d Out posted about The Recipe Box which sounds like my kind of read.

Lakeside Musings post on Tell The Wolves I Am Home and I am for sure going to read this one!

That’s it.  Hope your day is wonderful. 😀  Are you doing anything fun today?  Decorating?  Shopping?  Baking?  Curled up with a book or audio?

24 Comments on “Morning Meandering… Sunday Update with Book Suggestions

  1. I was really curious about Snow White Must Die, too, but apparently it is like the 4th book in the series? I saw a review of it this week and that sort of makes me less excited. Hopefully they plan to translate the rest of the series? I also really want to read Tell the Wolves I Am Home. I hope you have a great Sunday!

    • I didnt know that about the book! That would be a bummer… committing to series, especially when they are several books in is hard for me to commit to 🙂

  2. I love relaxing holidays! I am still trying to decide what to have for Christmas dinner! I have heard amazing things about Red Hill…I am reading Red Rising by Pierce Brown which has gripped me the way Hunger Games did! Making caramels is very ambitious! Enjoy!

    • Every year one of our venders (through our company) donates us a large ham. That is usually dinner but I may make white chili too…. always good :)I will have to take a look at Red Rising!

  3. I had to go back and check but I read Snow White Must Die…last year…it was really good and I could not even tell it was a part of a series!

  4. Relaxing holidays are the best, so great to hear that both of your boys will be able to spend Christmas with you this year! Like the sound of Snow White Must Die, so will definitely take a look. Good luck with your yearly goal!

  5. I hope you enjoy Tell the Wolves I’m Home as much as I did! Finished this week and was just blown away… will definitely recommend it to my book club. Hopefully I’ll even get a review posted before the end of the year 😉

  6. Happy Sunday! I probably won’t reach my 100 book goal this year, but that’s okay. It’s all supposed to be fun 🙂

    Hope you have a great week!

  7. I’m glad your sons will be home for Christmas. I am going to be heading to my parents’ place on Friday and I’ll be there for a week which will be really nice but I’m sure the time will fly!

    Tell the Wolves I’m Home is an amazing book. I read it for book group this year and we all loved it. I hope you will too!

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