Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell



Cath and Wren, twin sisters, grew up on the Simon Snow books (think Harry Potter fandom).  Through the rough times the girls had the books to fall into.  As they went through high school and upon entering college, Wren outgrew the obsession with the books, but Cath never did. 

Wren is excited for the college life.  She plans to live it and experience it to the fullest.  Cath just wants to write fan fiction, which she has done for years now, creating a story line around the now household character names of the Simon Snow books.  Simon Snow and the world she has created keeps Cath feeling safe in a world that she has no control over.  Her many followers of her writing keep her motivated to keep on writing, encouraged by this fictional world she can call the shots in.

When Wren lets Cath know that she does not want to be roommates, instead looking forward to breaking out of the “oh look twins” shell they have grown up in, Cath is shocked.  Forced to room with a stranger named Reagan and her once boyfriend Levi who hangs around more and more when Reagan is not there…

How does one step up into the next level of life, when they are very happy with the fictional one they have created?




Syllabification: (fan·girl) Pronunciation: /ˈfanˌgərl/  noun

informal derogatory an obsessive female fan (usually of movies books, or science fiction). ~  Thank you Oxford Dictionary


If I would have known that Fangirl was a bit in a way sort of kind of about Harry Potter in any way shape or form… I would have snatched it up forever ago.  ~  Sheila

I listened to Fangirl on audio and in no time at all was completely immersed in the world of college and friendships and the undieing love of a book.. so much that you have went on to create your own stories involving the characters just to keep them alive.  As much a huge “Potter Head” as I am … I never thought about creating fan fiction, writing these characters into other situations…  the whole fan fiction thing is kind of brilliant (and yes borderline obsessive – but hey… who ya hurtin’? 😛 )

Strongly character driven Fan Girl had the essence of The Fault In Our Stars (John Green).  Levi gave me an Augustus vibe and in a good way.  Quick witted, snarky but not in a mean way….his placement with Cath as a more down to earth level protagonist was a great mix.

Narrators Rebecca Lowman and Maxwell Caulfield did a wonderful job and they really had their work cut out for them as dialogue is a huge part of the flow of this book – and it works.

Fangirl was a delight to read and I was excited to review it to share it with all of you.  SO delighted in fact, I immediately upon finishing Fangirl downloaded Eleanor and Park by this same author.  Diving into that one starting tonight. 

Do not miss out on a fun read – Harry Potter fans, jump on board!

49 thoughts on “Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

  1. Great review. I hope I got it for Christmas. Ever since I heard about it before it came out I have wanted to read it. I loved Eleanor and Park so much. I need to hop on the Fangirl train IMMEDIATELY!

  2. I am really looking forward to reading this one. So excited you have Eleanor & Park waiting for you – can’t wait to hear what you think. That is most certainly going on my top books of 2013!

    1. I picked up on Harry right away and then was a little offended because I thought they were ripping off the story while pretending it was original…. truly going into this I did not understand what fan fiction was….LOL

  3. Wow, now THAT is high praise, Sheila! Considering I’m definitely a Harry Potter fan (was somewhat obsessive at one time! lol), I may have to check this one out after all. I hadn’t known what Fanfic was until I got into the Half-Blood Prince group on B&N when that book was released. I wasn’t crazy about the idea ’cause so much of it was trashy (literally) or just poorly done. I also didn’t like the idea of reading about Jo Rowling’s characters not written by her, either. I know she thought it was great, so who am I to say? lol Maybe FANGIRL will change my thinking!

  4. I loved this book on so many different levels. The characters, the discussion of fan fiction and love of reading, family relationships, college life, etc.

    As good as this book is, Eleanor & Park is even better. I had to stop listening to the audio of that one because I didn’t want to cry while driving so I finished with a print copy instead!

  5. I loved Fangirl, and I, too, was fascinated by the fan fiction idea. I didn’t know much about it. As much as I loved Fangirl, I loved Eleanor & Park even more. It’s my favorite YA book of the year!

  6. I’m itching to read this. A friend of mine has a copy she’s going to lend me as soon as she finishes it. I consider myself a Fangirl and I started writing fanfiction when I was 14. It’s a great way to explore plot without having to develop your own characters which is a good start for a young writer. I’m glad you enjoyed the world of fanfiction. is a good place to start if you want to read some. I recommend looking for complete works with a high review count to find some good pieces.

  7. I enjoyed this one a lot! It was really well-written. I did think though that the first half was much better than the second half. Can’t wait for Rainbow Rowell’s next book.

  8. I loved this book, Rainbow Rowell is on a roll and I can’t wait for her next book to come out. I also loved Eleanor and Park and thought Attachments (adult lit) was really good

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