Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews


Grace Stanton is living the life.  With her life style blog bringing in thousands of views a day and advertisers lining up to be a part of it, as well as a super hot husband… well, what more could she want?

Then one evening she catches that sweet husband with her so-called trusted assistant and the next thing you know Grace has driven his sports car into the pool.  Seeking sanctuary at her mother’s house while she clears her head, Grace learns that hell hath no fury does not only apply to women….

Suddenly Grace finds her bank accounts closed, and her blog passwords changed.  As Grace’s husbands name is on everything, he is shutting her life down one gold card at a time and now Grace is left with the clothes on her back and the change in her pocket.

Forced by the divorce judge to attend mandatory “divorce recovery” sessions weekly, Grace finds herself among a group of disgruntled women… surprisingly all sent to this same quirky divorce recovery by the same judge… something does not seem to be on the up and up. As the women in this group start to bond they find they have a lot in common and “Ladies Night” comes out of the ashes of their messy messed up lives and something new begins to grow…

is it hope?



 I so enjoyed this read!  Light and funny, Grace is a woman who has been wronged.  As a blogger myself… I can only imagine what it would be like to lose my rights to my own site…. grrrr 😛 

Mary Kay Andrews writes Grace as a strong female character who gets knocked down, but finds her way back up.  In a fun fast paced read that will have you laughing and cheering, Ladies Night is Women’s Chick Lit at its finest.  Grab a glass of wine and pull up a chair!

Bookies Thoughts:

The Bookies reviewed this book for our November read.  We had a lot of fun setting up our food and drinks as the “Sandbox”, the name of Grace’s moms bar.  For the most part, the girls really enjoyed the book giving it an above average score overall. 


I made the corn crab chowder they described in the book


16 thoughts on “Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews

  1. Yummy, that chowder does look delicious! I loved this book…and the blogging aspect really drew me in. As well as the “wronged wife” thing. I enjoyed watching the ladies turn things around.

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