Morning Meanderings…. The Bookies Christmas


Good morning! This post was supposed to go up yesterday morning but I over slept, missed my morning work out and by the time I prepped the pictures it was time for me to get read for work.

Ahhhh… the best laid plans…

Tuesday was our Annual Christmas party for the Bookies.  Along with our review of The Christmas Grandma Ran Away From Home by Nancy Warren, we had a fun home made gift exchange.

Review first…. “meh”.  I will not be doing a full review here as I did not read it.  We accidentally chose a book that was an e read only and when I heard it was only 45 pages I thought I would read it a few days before our meeting… and then…. life happened, busy with other things and I did not get it done.  Shortest book in Bookies 12 year history and I do not finish.  😯  For those that did read it they said it had many holes and felt unfinished.  It wasn’t a bad read, just not great although those with busy loves like me were grateful that it was such a  quick book.

The gift exchange was a lot of fun.  We have always done a gift exchange but this year we added the twist of it having to be homemade.  Insert *gulp* here.  While not a crafty person really, I did come through in a inch with the Christmas bulbs filled with snowflakes from the Same Sweet Girls book and my first attempt at homemade caramels which came out AWESOME!  😀

Below you will see what everyone wound up with:


The pic of me is me wearing my gift (SCORE!)  It is a nice thick knitted head band that covers my head and ears – great for outdoors.  LOVE IT!!!!

IN fact… I love it so much…. I wore it to work on Wednesday:


14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. The Bookies Christmas

  1. I agree with Kathy, and I love the idea of homemade gift exchanges. Some of my most treasured possessions are random scraps of writing from friends and family. When my grandmother passed, I gathered all the little notes she had taped around her house for her boarders that she took in (usually college students). “Please clean out lint filter after every load.” “Please turn off lights when you leave the room.” Etc. I love the character that is captured in the feminine loops and details of her handwriting.

      1. What a wonderful idea! My mother quilts so having her quilt the squares of her mother’s handwriting would be so poignant!

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