The Magic Circle by Jenny Davidson



Ruth and Lucy and Anna are gamers.  Well, game designers, and all involved in different areas of the process of gaming and all that it en tales.  All three of these smart women really enjoy computer generated games.  The fact that there campus now sits where a former insane asylum once stood just adds to their creativity in designing.

As the three women challenge each others abilities they come up with the ultimate “live” role-playing game that will involve many people and the area around then based off the tragedy The Bacchae, with the prodding of Anna’s brother Anders.  The game, which morphs and changes as they go is based around the theme of the insane asylum and has potential until is starts to take a darker turn…. and what happens when the game touches too close to read life?




I love computer games.  When my sons were at home we would battle to play Nintendo, PlayStation and eventually Wii.  I especially likes role-playing games where I felt I could put myself into the game.  They still fascinate me, so the idea of this book was enticing…. I had to know more.

Lets start by saying I really wanted to love this book.  When I read the first few pages I was hooked into what by all intentions looked like it as going to be a fantastic read.  Strong smart women characters based around a reality game… and there is a lot to enjoy about this book.  For one, I really liked the unique writing style.  Conversation, blog posts, game speak, all engaging.  However, I never felt any real connection to any of the characters.  Drugs and drinking are frequently part of the game, which bothers me mainly as the book has a clear YA feel to it. 

Overall, it is a likeable read.  There was much I did like as I mentioned, and while the overall package wasn’t what I would say was a must read, I would easily say that Jenny Davidson is an author to watch.


Thank you to TLC Book Tours to allow me entrance to the Magic Circle.




8 thoughts on “The Magic Circle by Jenny Davidson

  1. Hmmm… It’s a shame when something doesn’t quite live up to your expectations, but this sounds OK. I might give it a go (I’m a bit of a gmer myself… well, I used to be!).

  2. I also had a hard time with this novel. I thought it had some really interesting concepts but it all sort of fell flat.

  3. It sucks when a book doesn’t live up to your expectations, doesn’t it? At least there were likeable elements though. I was quite interested having read the plot but think I’ll give it a miss. Thanks for the honest review 🙂

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